Chapter Fifteen:Que Sera Sera

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He gulped again and gave a nervous chuckle. I frowned and pressed the glass deeper into his flesh. My hands began to quiver. I felt nauseous and clammy. God, I hate blood. I shivered and tried not to look at it. He raised a quizzical brow. I gagged ,instinctively moving away. His eyes brightened in understanding. He smirked and moved towards me, " You don't like blood?" He said more of a statement then a question. I nodded and dropped the bottle on the ground. He placed his cool hands on my shoulders and lightly grazed my collarbone with his teeth. I shivered again. Goosebumps rising on my arms. He laughed lightly. I sighed. My heart beat was calm. He stopped going after my collarbone and went for my lips whispering sweetly into my ear " What a pity." He kissed me gently on the lips. I kissed him back softly afraid I would break into a thousand pieces if I wasn't careful. My heart beating erratically. His mouth gentle but powered by a fiery passion spilled kisses on my lips. That left me trembling for more. Whoa. What just happened? How did I end up kissing Victor/Paulus?? I shouldn't be kissing the murderer of my parents. But his lips felt so soft and gentle on mine. They didn't feel like they belonged on mine; they did. He chuckled pulling away. A whine escaped my lips. I covered my mouth ashamed. What had I done? I have dishonored myself. My parents' memory. My friends whose innocent blood
" LEAVE ME ALONE!!WHY CAN'T YOU JUST GO AWAY???" I screamed into his face enraged. God, why did I kiss him? Of all the stupid things to do, I had to go and kiss him, stupid hormones! He grinned like a madman.

" Just be my queen, Rika, and I'll kill you quickly." He purred licking his lips slowly. His eyes bright as they stared hungrily at me. I made a sound of disgust.

"You disgust me." I stated coldly.

" Good. I can't have you getting lovesick over me, now can I?" He asked rhetorically; almost condescendingly.

I said nothing, sliding down to sit on the ground. He leaned down so close to me that I could feel heat radiating off him like a sun.

" What do you want me to say?" I asked numbly. I wish I had my mom to hug me. I need a stable thing to grab onto. Something that won't kill me or bite me. He gazed piteously into my eyes. Why pity? He grabbed my chin roughly and kissed me on my cheek. My heart fluttered; yet ached with guilt and shame. I started crying. Shaking as I clutched my frame. He shushed my soothingly. His voice sounding like dripping honey, "'s okay...everything is going to be okay... just relax... I'm not going to hurt you. I love you, Rika. I love you with all my heart. I want you to love me to." He lifted me gently to my feet, " Come, Rika.. Let us go back to civilization. I want you to see something first before we leave though." He said way too casually. I stiffened. What fresh hell, did I have to deal with now? He walked eagerly to the parlor/bar. He beckoned me over. I followed reluctantly. Pressing some sort of hidden button on the bar, a door opened up near Paul. I walked past him and stared open-mouthed. There was a giant amphitheater inside that a little light shining in from above. The benches were made of marble. Across there was a chair with gold on the edges. Paul chuckled deeply at my reaction.

" I decided to make myself a little something from my time period. Back in my day, we didn't watch people fake fights; we watched people die begging for mercy. The emperor would decree whether he lived or died." He sighed dreamily, " Those were the good old days."

I didn't respond. I edged closer squinting at what appeared to be a pool of water in the middle. What could it be? Paul snorted and picked me up ignoring my protests. He ran gracefully down the stairs, never jolting me.

" I can walk, you know." I said quietly.

He pulled me off of his shoulder roughly and thrust my face towards the bright turquoise water. "I want you to see someone, Rika. Its someone you once knew." He whispered in my ear licking my earlobe. I shivered in what I assumed was fear, and not pleasure.

" He's been so desperate to see you." He said cruelly, " Oh look! He senses your presence." He said when a dark silhouette swam awkwardly towards the surface. A head broke through the surface. I screamed burying my head in Paul's ready arms. I leaned into him, shaking and breathing heavily. Paul crushed me against his chest. I closed my eyes trying to erase what I had seen. Loose leathery skin, big jagged fangs, and... Aaron's eyes. It was Aaron turned into one of those things. I prayed softly into Paul's chest, " Please, God, get me out of here. Please may this just be a really really bad dream." He laughed loud and mockingly. " God isn't going to save you. Nothing can." He said cheerfully spinning me around to face Aaron. "Aaron?" I croaked out. He looked at me for the first time and grinned a revolting grin showing chunks of flesh stuck between his teeth. I gagged; dry heaving.

Paul released me clapping his hands. " And it was so simple! All I had to do was transport him down here and wait! I knew you would say no so I decided to force you to marry me. I don't care if I have to drag you down an aisle." He said triumphantly patting Aaron on the shoulder. Aaron didn't mind at all his gaze was fixated upon me. I stepped back. I bumped into Paul. He must have teleported.

" Come now, Rika, what's the matter? Aren't you happy to see your beloved again? You're not afraid, are you? I thought you would be happy to see him again. But now you two can see each other every day. After all he is a well respected officer. I want him to take special care of you." He pushed me forward after his sick little mocking speech. I smacked right into Aaron. He hissed biting at my face. I screamed shielding it.Paul frowned and yanked me away. Wrapping his arms around me, he protected me from Aaron's talons and jaws. " You have a choice, Rika. Become like him or become like me."

I didn't have a choice to stay human so I might as well chose to keep my soul. " Fine. I see how it is. become a vampire like you." I said feeling I had absolutely no control. Paul kissed me on the forehead rocking me gently in his arms. I started to fall asleep. Hmm, I thought, he must be using a spell on me. I fell asleep wondering how long I would be out this time.

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