Ancient History

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Infection: Chapter Ten

He cleared his throat " Alright. I'll tell; I doubt you with your puny little brain will understand the concepts and history but its worth a shot." He raised an eyebrow when I glared at him " Long ago in Augustus's reign, a force was established. The Praetorian Guard." He sighed impatiently when he saw my puzzled face " Augustus was Julius Caesar's great nephew. Augustus and he were close. After Caesar's assassination Augustus formed the Praetorian Guard to protect himself and prevent future assassins from reaching him. They were as effective as any formation in the Roman army. Later on though they started assassinating emperors, turning and bullying their own people. In the end ...they were disbanded." He finished looking down at his feet. Okay. What did this have to do with me? Why were there twenty people out there? " So what does this have to what's going on right now?" I asked softly. He glanced sharply up looking at me shrewdly " Everything." he said coldly, " My family and all the people out there's family is related to a member of the guard or to someone involved . You see, the guard at the end discovered something dark. Something that had been a secret for a while." He paused dramatically, " My ancestor, Lucius Germanus was going for a midnight stroll when he heard something clatter in a street. He ran towards the sound; sword drawn. He shouted "Who goes there?"" Victor paused running a hand through his hair, " Understand this, Rika. My ancestor was thirty-five. He was arrogant and looking for a chance to impress not only his comrades but his son. Anyways back to the story, he ran towards the sound and found a woman lying in the street bleeding. He crouched next to her whispering into her ear " Who did this?" She was barely able to lean forward as she breathed out one word." He cut off asking me " Do you know what that word was, Rika?" I nodded shivering, " Vampire." He nodded approvingly. " That's right. Vampire. She died so afterward in his arms. My ancestor sat there his body in her arms stupefied. He thought to himself, there is no such thing as a vampire...was there? He heard something breathing heavily by his ear. He looked up and saw a creature that was so hideous that he screamed. The creature snarled biting deeply into his neck. Lucius screamed tearing it off. He swung his sword at it aiming for its heart. The creature backed off hissing and clawing at the blade. Lucius could tell he needed to get away. So sheathing his sword he ran off. The creature didn't pursue him. It went back to eating the woman. Lucius ran home quickly bandaging his wounds. His wife Pricilla was worried trying to figure out what had happened to him. He didn't care about the creature anymore he assumed when he had left that one of the other guards had come along and taken care of it. So for the next couple of weeks he noticed changes craving more bloody meats, his eyes being affected by the sun, etc. His family grew more and more worried but when they asked what was wrong, he would simply smile and gently rustle his son's hair. They believed it was just something at work until one day. That day his son had just come home from playing. He had a few cuts and bruises that had dried up blood. You see, Rika, Lucius's son wanted to impress his father as well, so he would try to be the bravest one out of his friends. He would fabricate stories just for his dad. He was telling his father about how he wanted to be a soldier when he grew up. Poor Lucius tried listening but his gaze kept wandering over his son's neck." Here Victor shook his head sadly " Lucius told his son to shut up and stop lying then bit him in the throat. Lucius's son cried out and pulled away from him. Lucius let him go stunned at the monster he had become. The boy ran over to a neighbor's house telling everything that had happened. The neighbors rounded up a mob and with torches and swords went out to find Lucius. They never found him again. They did however keep a watchful eye on his son. Watching--no... waiting for the moment when he turned into a monster like his father. The boy never did turn into a monster, miraculously. He married and had three kids a couple of years later, never again seeing his father. The whole event concerning Lucius Germanus was cleaned up and disguised as freak accident concerning large amounts of alcohol by the Praetorian Guard. They knew the truth but received word that they would be paid in large sums of money if they kept their mouths shut.

   And so they did. Not telling anyone. Until recently we had no idea about vampires existing. That is until we found a journal. So now do you understand, Rika?". I was speechless. I didn't know what to say. Could he be telling the truth? Could vampires really exist? " I understand," I said slowly " You guys are vampire hunters from an ancient society." He clapped his hands slow and deliberate. I frowned getting up. My butt was numb from sitting for such a long time. I stretched under the watchful eye of Victor. I said cautiously " So. What happens now?" He grinned grabbing my hand " Now." He said excited, " We destroy the filthy creatures, and you're going to lead the attack!"

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