Chapter Twenty-One: Something poison

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I cringed internally. Goths. I shivered causing them to smile. Oh god! It was scary! They had these piercings that would have sent my grandmother for a bible and a bucket of holy water. We stared at each other until one of them spoke from the center of the group, " Well?" 

I frowned. "Well what?" 

"Aren't you going to go in?" Another asked. This one had weird marks on his face. I shivered. "Why would I go in there?" I asked. 

They laughed. " Yeah. Why would a little prep like you go in a place like this? So why are you out here than?" 

I smiled saying cheerily. " I'm just getting groceries for my mommy." 

They stopped laughing, becoming quite cold. The one in the middle, replied" Paulus never told us about your sense of humor.", he stepped forward.

I gasped loudly clutching my chest. It was him! The guy I had almost made out with in the cavern! I moved forward not thinking. 

" Who are you?!" I asked breathlessly. 

" What's wrong? Can't remember my name?" He smirked. 

" You never told me your name." I scoffed. 

He winked at a Goth. " Is that so? Well, my name is Seth. Paul and I are close friends. I do tasks for him that no other would do. I even let him turn me into a fucking monster. How bout that?" He said bitterly, " So, I'm here on an errand for him...nothing personal, kid." He took out a gleaming knife.

I whimpered, looking around. Isn't somebody going to notice? "Go on. Make my day. Nobody's going to help you." He laughed coldly. 

"Why won't they help me? I've done nothing wrong." I said feeling very confused. He dramatically swept his hair away from his eyes. " There's a spell." He said in a tone so boring that I wouldn't have thought twice about until I saw how his eyes glowed. " How do I reverse it?" I asked not thinking. He shook his head making a lock and key symbol with his lips and fingers. " Oh, come on. Can't I at least have a clue?" I whined.


" Why not?"

"Why would I go through the trouble of setting it up, just so you can destroy it and get away? 

I coughed uncomfortable and out of ideas. He frowned and lunged with the knife. I jumped back. His eyes darkened. His roundhouse kick caught me by surprise. I cried out as I fell. I grimaced. How did he do that? I didn't even see it till it was too late. He sat down next to me and whispered in my ear "I think I've made my point." He hauled me to my feet roughly. Ouch! I glared at him. He returned it. He spun me around; right towards the front doors of the club. Oh no. 

" You are going to talk to Paul or your arm is going to be broken." He growled. I jerked. He grabbed the back of my neck and forced me through the door, I held onto the frame, Seth pulled nearly yanking my arms out of their sockets. I gritted my teeth. I hate being man-handled. God! 

Someone giggled 

" Oh come on. Is that necessary, Seth? You didn't have to try to kill her." Paul looked at me with a disapproving expression "You two are causing a commotion. Why don't you just bring her to the sanctuary. We can talk there." Paul gestured towards a neon green VIPs ONLY sign on a metal door across the club.

Oh, crap. I can't even get a day where I don't have to deal with him! Paul moved with ease as we passed people in all black dancing. The smell of sweat was thick. But Paul and Seth didn't look bothered by it. Paul even looked like he would be out there dancing with them. Paul was dressed in a ripped black t-shirt and skinny jeans with safety pins. He looked good but scary as hell. (I'm not used to these kind of clubs, so I defiantly can not handle the people who belong to them.)

Seth looked just as uncomfortable as me. Good. The guy tried to kill me. 

Paul yelled over the music" Alright! We are almost there! Seth, I want you to restrain Rika-but do so discreetly. So, Rika. Want to hear how I got you back?"

I yelled " Hell no!"

He ignored me and gave a long speech. " As soon as you ran, screaming from my car, I let the guys here know you were loose and distraught here. I never expected you to come running into my arms. A pity." He shook his head and gave us each a dirty look. " I'm disappointed. Your behavior towards each other is inappropriate and demeaning. Never again shall I see you act that way. I forgive you...Seth. I know she can be a pain in the ass. Rika, you are going to be an adult soon. You need to start acting like one. Is that clear Rika?" 

I nodded; completely lying. I was going to use everything I had to mess him up.

He stared deeply into my eyes, searching my soul. He seemed somewhat satisfied when he looked at Seth " Do need any provisions? A place to stay for the night? We have a spare coffin."

" I thank you but I shall be leaving in an hour." Seth said fervent with gratitude.

" Why are you talking that way?" I cut in.

" Watch it." Seth growled.

" But why?" I asked again.

" Let it go, wench." He growled louder.

" What. The. Hell. Is. A. Wench?" I muttered slowly.

" It doesn't matter." Seth wrung his hands.

" Stop it. I will not tolerate this. Rika, just shut up. Seth, don't get so angry." Paul lectured us. As soon as he turned away I blew a raspberry at Seth. His face looked strangely reddish under the pulsing lights. The club was decked out in neon colors and of course black. The music playing was unintelligible. I jumped when someone screamed. Was that the music? This is so scary. Paul laughed and Seth made an exaggerated sound. We went down a winding staircase. At the bottom was a small room with about seven coffins arranged in the shape of a T. The one that was stood out the most was the one in the center; golden designs and rubies. That was probably Paul's. 

In the corner sat a chair with chains on the walls. The chair looked rather uncomfortable. I stole a glance at Paul. He grinned eerily. " Why did you bring me here." I asked trying to mask my fear. Seth asked " Do you need anymore help, Paulus?" Paul said in a quite manner " No. I will no longer require your services. Thank you Seth."

Seth glanced at me than left. Paul guided me over to the golden coffin and pointed to a white coffin with sapphires a inch away.

I gave him a puzzled look. He laughed gently and turned me so that I was facing the line of the other ones. They were simpler. Most of them were old oak coffins that looked a couple centuries old. I realized that the two coffins that were eye catching were obviously ones of the leaders. That must be why they are in the shape of a T. I stepped away horrified. " No. I'll never become that." 

His hands were on my waist suddenly. He placed me into the white coffin saying " This is your coffin." He closed the lid. A black veil of darkness. I drew in a shaky breath. Okay, I thought, don't panic. I relaxed knowing I would get out.

" Why don't you scream? You don't know how long you could be staying in there. It could be an hour. Could be a week. By then your nails will be so bloody and torn, you won't be able to stop screaming. And your last breath will be you begging for death." he said cruelly. 

I wish I could say I was calm and had an awesome comeback but I'd be lying. The truth was I started screaming bloody murder and crying. " Please don't." I sobbed, " Please. I'll do anything!"

He asked " Anything?"

"Yes." I hesitated. 

" Too bad. The situation might have gone well. I'm sure a night or two won't kill you. Pleasant dreams, Rika." He said in a sickly sweet tone. He walked away. Okay I can't panic. I need to just relax. I'm sure he's coming back. Ten minutes passed. Nothing. I shifted cocking my ear. Still nothing. Frustrated I hit my fist on the wall. Why can't I just be left alone?!? Stupid vampire. " LET ME OUT!!!!! SOMEBODY HELP ME!!!!!!" I screamed as loud as I could. Nothing. I closed my eyes trying to relax on the silk lining. But all I could feel were cold bitter tears and a long lasting paranoia.

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