Chapter Seven: A sense of wonder in these dark times

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I made my way through the halls going towards Aaron's car. I needed to take the rest of the day off. I was turning around the corner when I ran into Victor. I fell hard on my butt not even causing him to stumble. He looked down amused. " Well. Well. Looks like I have a stalker. A very clumsy stalker." I blushed. Why is he everywhere??? " You're calling me a stalker?!? Why- why you--you--you freak--"

" Excellent, Rika. Just excellent. I knew there was more to you." He offered me a hand. I gladly grasped his.

" What do you mean?"

" Haven't you ever wondered what would happen if everyone had an infection? An infection that was so powerful and swift that could effect everyone. Men, women, the elderly, the young. Something effecting millions." He grasped my forearms shaking me. My head shook causing my neck to hurt. " No I haven't. Victor, stop you're hurting me." He looked down at his hands then murmured unintelligibly. Releasing me Victor stepped back. He looked at me tilting his head slightly. He backed away then ran off down the hall. I stood frozen. My heart pounding. Did he just say, its too late for you?

I ran into the bathroom crying. What did Victor mean? What did he want? I leaned up against the sink clutching my forehead. What virus was he-- BANG!!! I jumped when I heard one of the stall doors slam shut. Someone was crying very loud and they sound almost--scared. Holding my breath I walked over to the first stall. It smelled pretty bad but not like blood or anything. I looked around. There were no slimy monsters or weapons. Letting out a shaky breath I patted my heart. I walked over to the handicapped stall and screamed bloody murder. There was blood all over the stall and flecks of flesh were on the ground in a large puddle. I gagged when I slipped in a puddle. Going inside the stall I found someone in the corner their back to me facing me. The person was wearing a torn bright yellow sweater dripping blood and what had probably once been a faded denim skirt was now a blood-soaked skirt that was torn. I silently edged closer. I didn't want to startle her; knowing how animals reacted to fear. I definitely did not want to scare her even more. I said gently and as soothing as I could " Are you hurt? What happened." Okay. I am never going to ask someone who obviously is a little crazy if they are okay. Ever. Maybe you were expecting her to say " Please, help me!" and pass out. Or

when I touched her to fall away from the wall dead. But no. If you were one of the people who thought that she would go nuts and attack me then you should get a metal. Okay. Back to how crazy this lady was. She turned rapidly towards me. Faster than I thought. I backed up wide-eyed in terror. She laughed madly. Goose bumps rose on my arms. I screamed stumbling over my feet. I heard the distant sound of foot steps. She jumped on me causing me to fall on the ground. Her soaked out smearing blood on me. I hate the smell of blood. I gagged. She bit at my throat and clawed my arms. I yelped loudly, covering my face with an arm. OUCH!!! The bitch scratched me. I glanced down. My arm was oozing thick red blood.

I kicked out at her. She growled and backed off. Getting up I clenched my fists. I punched her square in the jaw. She teetered back disoriented. How did I do that? I couldn't think about for long, she was already rushing towards me again.

I roundhouse kicked her in the face followed quickly by a right hook. She screamed and fell down hitting her head on the linoleum. Blood trickled out of her mouth. I stared coldly down. I felt my adrenaline slowly lower back to normal. Someone was clapping slowly behind me. Turning I spotted Victor leaning up against the wall clapping. What is he doing here?

" What are you doing here?" I demanded stupefied.

" Oh. You know I was in the neighborhood. Decided to stop by. Pay you a visit." He casually said smirking. He glanced down at the corpse, his face twisted with anger. He smoothed his face out when he caught me staring then said " Well, since you decided to kill one of our classmates I suppose I should haul you off to the dean. But considering she went after you" He nodded at my arm, " I'll let it slide." He walked over to the door and half-way out he purred " This time."

" Hey what's the big idea?" I questioned shaking my fist at him.

He chuckled then softly shut the door. I sighed looking around. Great. What could I tell them? Some emo went nuts and attacked me then passed out? Nope. Hey, maybe Victor has a spare shirt and bandages? Running out of the disgusting bathroom I yelled " Victor, wait up!"

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