Chapter Three: A Not So Sweet Reunion

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    Three weeks passed before I encountered the man again, Aaron was sick that day. He had a cold.....and was hungover.  "Good morning." A pleasant voice greeted me. I glanced up, the green-eyed jerk was back. "Please go sit somewhere else, I'd hate to make the mistake of complimenting you again." I scathingly remarked, immediately turning back to face the front. "I thought this time, I would be the one making obtuse remarks and likening your eyes to obscure flora." He gently teased as he sat down beside me. I lightly flushed, my hand tensing in my lap. Focus on the Krebs cycle, Rika. It's only an hour long class.
    I cleared my throat "Blue-green. Best way to summarize them." I pulled out my notebook and mechanical pencil, hopeful he would take the hint. A soft chuckle was my only warning before a cool blade touched my jaw. I jerked away, banging my knee into the table with all the grace of a dying seal. "Oww! Did you just put a knife to my throat?!" I demanded, already rising out of my chair. He was silent.
   My eyes snapped down, "Answer me, you as--".
  Green luminescent eyes were suddenly inches from my own. I gulped, feeling lips smooth and as cold as glass on a November morning brush mine.
"I wasn't hurting you, I was simply attempting to turn your head to look more closely at your eyes." He slowly stated, as though I was a willful child unable to understand an important life lesson. I withdrew my head slightly, attempting to put some distance between our mouths. His arms possessively tightened around my waist and upper back. How did he move so quickly?
"Was this what you felt?" He pressed his hand slowly against my cheek. I flushed, deeply embarrassed that I'd thought a hand was a knife. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to frighten you. I was hoping we could start over after our last encounter. I'm Paul." He sadly smiled as he loosened his grip.
"R-Rika...that's my name." I stuttered out as I gently pulled away from him. I muttered an apology before gathering up my belongings and walking out. I didn't even bother to see if class was over. Why hasn't anyone reacted though?

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