Chapter Twenty-Six: Raison D'Etre

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Greetings, fellow writers and readers.
This is the final chapter of Infection. Thanks for reading my story and good luck with yours.
P.S. I went down a pretty dark route when editing this so this is a warning that this chapter will feature some pretty abusive language and does not, in any way, reflect a healthy relationship. I might as well add a gore warning for this part too. May contain disturbing content, this was difficult for me emotionally to write.

I do not own the rights to Blue Moon by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart, I merely referenced it. I do however own the characters and storyline.
Paul carefully held a beautiful, intricately carved mahogany box. "What's in there?" I cautiously ask, nervously bunching up the covers beneath my hands. Paul placed the box down  half full vial, gingerly shaking it back and forth. "I was giving you some of this, but you have to receive the rest just before you die."
"What is it?" I drew my legs up to my chest, noticing a white satin nightgown bunching up as I did do. Did he dress me while I was passed out?!
He sat down across from me, his long legs tucked beneath him. "Well, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to tell you. Do you remember when we were on the boat and I discussed the easier method I'd developed to turn someone into one of the undead? This is the source." He gently shook it. I scooted further up, leaning against the headboard. "It burnt my throat, I'd rather swallow battery acid than that again. Paul...please don't make me do this. Let me go." I gazed across, looking deep into his chartreuse orbs.
He smiled gently at me before sliding off the bed, heading towards the door. He quickly engaged the lock before going trhrough a door to the right.
"Paul!" I called out, afraid of what he was about to do. Paul called back, "It's quite alright, Darling. I'm merely grabbing some candles. Do you a have a favorite scent?"
"I won't let you kill me, you cocksucker! And don't fucking dress me!" I screamed at him, hopping off the bed. Paul didn't respond.
I started toward him, but collapsed on the ground as a wave of dizziness forced my head to the ground. "Ugh" I moaned, clawing at the hardwood floor in a feeble attempt to get up.
"What are you doing? I wasn't gone for that long." I raised my head an inch off the ground to see a pair of chestnut brown loafers tapping lazily in front of me.
He sighed, placing a bunch of small items down haphazardly. "Come on, you shouldn't be out of bed right now. You need to rest." A cool hand gripped my upper arm as he lifted me up, sliding his other hand tightly around my waist. I begrudgingly gripped his shoulders as he did so, my head flopping onto his shoulder once my feet touched the ground.
Both of his hands settled on my waist, forcing my chest against his as he swayed back and forth, lightly humming. I gagged, the motion feeling like one of those rides where they thrust and pull you back and forth all while spinning.
Paul continued swaying, ignoring my discomfort. "And then there suddenly appeared before me, the only one my arms will ever hold..." He sang softly into my ear. I withdrew, turning my head away from him. God how could he not know how much I hated him? How disgusted I felt every time he his unwavering gaze made my heart swell up in fear. A cool, smooth kiss brushed against my cheek before he continued singing. "I heard somebody whisper please adore me," He walked forward, forcing me to stumble back, "and when I looked the moon had turned to gold." He shoved me backward, I fell with a small yelp onto the bed. The stupid nightgown twisting up my legs as I scrambled away from him. He straightened up, crooning even louder, "Blue I'm no longer alone." His eyes as hard as peridot gazed unflinchingly back.
I glanced away, noticing that he'd placed five forest green candles and a matchbox down on the side table next to the champagne flute. "What are these for?" I loudly interrupted him, anything to get him to stop looking at me like that.
"With-" He broke off, frowning before walking over to the table, sardonic smile on his face.
"You remind me of someone I once met in England about three hundred or so years ago...." He trailed off, picking up all of the candles save for one.
Surprise colored my features.
He laughed lightly, tilting his head back
"Did you forget how old I am?" He gently teased before continuing, "She was what I suppose you'd term a tenant, past her prime but still unbelievably beautiful. She had three children all too young to help around the house,let alone put less of a financial strain on their parents." He struck the match, quickly lighting the candle before moving on. "Her husband ran a small candle shop that brought a small source of income to the household and she took care of the laundering of several households."
"Then are these candles..." I trailed off.
He cryptically smiled, picking up the matchbox and carrying everything over to the mahogany vanity. A candle was lit and placed. "One winter, after a particular hard summer with almost no money brought in, they would be forced out onto the street." A candle ended up on the bay window, another match struck, "She met me one late evening on the bed her and her husband shared and I evicted them within a week."
I glanced up at him, my jaw dropping. He stilled, "Rika, dear, it was long before you were born. You know I only love you." He frantically reassured me,, misinterpreting the disgust I felt coursing through me.
He carefully put a lit candle above the mantle facing the bed. "Do you know what I told her, Rika? After she'd fallen to the ground, sobbing in front of me?" Paul softly trailed off, I couldn't force myself to shake my head, much less respond. That poor family. How could he be so cruel? Paul slowly walked over to the bedside table near me, setting down the last candle and carefully lighting it as he gazed down at me. He took a small sip from the glass, his eyes never leaving mind
Paul tossed the matches onto the ground behind him, sitting down right in front of me, his knees brushed against mine, as he shifted forward so that his chest was flush against my breasts. He whispered low in my ear, the smell of blood oozing from his pores, "I informed her that it was my judgement, and my power alone that determined her life. Nothing she ever threatened me with, promised me, or pleaded with would change the course of my hand." One of his hands possessively lifted my chin up, forcing me to meet his pensive gaze as the other hand pressed firmly into the small of my back. Tears welled up in my eyes as he tenderly pressed his lips onto mine.
He leisurely ran his tongue along the crease of my lips before ramming his wet, cold tongue deep inside of my mouth. I gagged, attempting to pull back but his hand gripped the back of my neck, fingers knotting in my locks. His cold, tight grip not yielding  as he continued to tediously explore every inch of my mouth. Oh god, I can taste the blood! I gagged around his tongue. Tearing his mouth away, he rested his head in the crook of my neck, sighing unsteadily as his arms bracketed themselves on either side of my head.
"Dear, you're much more lucky than that tenant of mine, you are completely aware of the fate I intend to give you. And I for another enjoy your company more than I ever did hers."
I sniffled, bringing my hands up to cover my face. I felt so defiled by him. Why couldn't I die already? I was tired of it all. Nothing was worth fighting for anymore.
"Rika, stop that." Paul gently chided, entwining his fingers through both of my hands. "It's time to get out of this pit of self-loathing and fear, you couldn't save your parents or friends...why not let go of your old life, Rika?" He frowned.
"Your life--no, your existence is worth so much!!  I told you that story not to frighten you, but to reassure you that I truly love you and want to be with you.When I'm done, your old life will be...a hazy bad dream that I'll kiss away. I'll make sure you won't wake up, sobbing in the corner or feel so at ends on how to respond to me. You won't remember anything." He shook my hands, punctuating his words.
I shivered "My memory isn't the problem, you caviler asshole! You existing is the problem! Do you honestly not understand that you're the one who killed everyone!?!" I screamed at him, ripping my hands away before shoving roughly at his chest. He fell off of me and to the side. The bastard! Trying to downplay all of the damage he'd caused! Pure rage started to built deep within my chest. Anger quickly flared in his eyes. "Careful...I can only be so patient with you." He warned.
Paul placed his slender hands on my narrow shoulders, gently, but firmly forcing me to lay back down in the middle of the bed.He sat beside me, one arm supporting himself as he gently stroked down my temple to my cheekbone. Back and forth, ignoring my trembling. I closed my eyes, sickened by his touch as my rage continued to grow.
"Our new life will be so much better. You have no idea how rewarding life as a vampire is." He whispered.
"I would rather die, then be forced to spend an eternity with you." I quickly responded in an even tone, eyes still closed.
His hand grabbed my chin forcefully as he straddled me. My eyes shot open at the sudden pain, meeting his eyes as hard as sapphires. "Well, well. Looks like weak, little Rika grew a backbone in the grand finale, your parents must be so proud", he mocked me, leaning in till his lips brushed against mine. "Oh wait, that's right I pulverized them, easily getting rid of those pesky gnats. I could kill you too, little girl!" I shoved at his chest, managing to shove his face slightly away from mine.
"I could crush your throat and listen to you choke on your own blood." He continued on, ignoring my reaction. His fingers lightly pressed into the hollow of my throat.
"Wouldn't that make such a romantic setting, Sweetheart? You thrashing frantically beneath me as your lungs and throat filled with that delicious liquid that gives your inconsequential life worth? Do you think you'll arch into me like that woman did?" His arms slipped under and around my arms, grip as comforting as a python's vise.
My chest pressed up painfully into his as his lips ravaged mine again. His groin pressed deeply into mine.Revulsion crawled up the back of my throat. Gagging, my hands frantically scratched at his arms. Anything to get away from the disgusting monster assaulting me. He pulled back, chuckling in a low tone.
"No. You don't get the easy way out, Rika Greene . Your purpose now is to keep me happy and to scamper over and indulge my every fantasy whenever I want. Including my physical needs."
"Oh and believe me, you'll be positively ecstatic to do so. After all, I can pick exactly which memories to influence and erase." He quickly added at my enraged expression.
My eyes watered as I refused to meet his gaze. The acidity growing more stronger in my throat.
"No one was allowed to get anywhere near my girl. My beautiful, foolish girl that was only mine to play with."
He laughed coldly, "You never even stood a chance. You became mine the moment I laid eyes on you." He leaned back slightly onto my lap as he stared deeply into my eyes.
"You're insane!" I managed to choke out. His features twisted into a mockery of troubled concern and affection.
"Darling, you know that I love you, right? I would kill everyone in your pathetic little town over and over again if it would grant me your compliance." Cold fingers ghosted over my heart.
" Dare I say...your love? But no matter the course of events, it will still end the same. The red string of fate has ensnared us together, I am as much a part of you now as you are of me. I've so patiently waited for you to reach this point. Now, at long last, you will become a vampire and enjoy life with me, Rika." He gravely proclaimed before rubbing his nose against mine.
"And do you want to know the best part? You'll willingly help me spread the infection into every corner of the world--"He cut off abruptly, his eyes trained on my neck, "After all, we have eternity." A triumphant smirk stretched his handsome features.
"Go to hell, you motherfucker!!!" I shrieked, jerking my head up in an attempt to head butt him. He jerked back, sighing remorsefully.
"Okay...we'll do it the non-romantic way." He stated cryptically.
Bam! An explosion of pain brought stars to my eyes as I lay there gasping like a fish on land. Bringing a hand slowly down to my stomach, I felt his curled up fist still touching me. Black dots continued to dot my vision as I tried focusing on the words cutting in and out of my consciousness.
"--to give you blood from my wrist after we'd--" I coughed, tasting salty warm liquid on the back of my tongue as pain slowly spread throughout my lower body.
Why wasn't the pain dissipating?!
"--but no, I had to rupture your---" I spit up more blood clots onto my chin. His cool hand smoothed back my hair. A bottle was forced between my teeth as he yanked my hair, forcing my head back. I choked down the liquid, feeling it burn and scrape the whole length of my throat.
"I...hate you." I managed to moan out, slightly turning my head away.
" No, you won't." He whispered huskily in my ear before he sank his fangs deep into my throat.


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