Lazy Mornings

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You slowly opened your eyes, looking around the room. You rolled over to see your boyfriend still asleep next to you. You moved a piece of hair out of his face causing him to wake up.

"I'm sorry." You whispered.

"For what?" He yawned.

"Waking you."

"I don't care, I was probably about to wake up anyways." He laughed.

"I'm gonna go make breakfast." You said sitting up. Before you feet couldnt even touch the floor, you were pulled backwards. Gerald wrapped his arms around you body, holding you tight.

"You're not going anywhere." He said closing his eyes and tightening his grip on you.

"And why not?" You asked.

"Because I love you and if you leave I'll be cold and sad."

"How cute." You giggled trying to wiggle out of his grip. Eventually you realized he wasn't going to let you go.

"You're so clingy." You sighed laying back and grabbing his hand.

"You love it."


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