Going Out

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You sat on the bed as Gerald got ready to head out with some friendds, he's hardly left your side in the last week and being the clingy little shit you are, you weren't ready for him to leave just yet.

"Are you sure you want to go out?" you ask fiddling with your fingers.

"Yes, babygirl." he replied, letting out a small laugh. He's so cute.

"Okay let me rephrase that. I don't want you to out." You gave him a pouty face in the hopes he'd see how cute are and stay home. He shook his head and laughed while putting on his shirt.

"You're so cute, but Im still going out. I'll be home in a few hours anyways." He slipped his shoes on and searched for his keys.

"But baby, honey, my darling.." You went on as you sat up on your knees and put your arms around his neck while he stood at the end of the bed. He just smiled.

"I'm leaving now, Y/n." He kissed your nose and walked out the bedroom door. You sat back and sighed.

"Could've at least kissed me properly." you mumbled. "Asshole."

"I heard that!" you heard him yell from the living room. You threw your head back and giggled.

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