Just Not Ready

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You stood in in front of your closet as you searched for something to wear, you felt two arms snake around your waist.

"Hey babygirl." Gerald said kissing your neck.

"Hello." You smiled getting chills from the feeling of his wet lips on your bare skin. He began kissing sucking and biting at the the skin making you forget what you were even doing.

You turned around so you were now facing him. He leaned down and connected your lips. The grip he had on your waist became tighter. He pulled you backwards until you both reached the bed. He fell back, pulling you with him.

Gerald's hand found their way up your shirt, you stopped him and sat up.

"What's the matter?" He asked leaning up on his elbows.

"You and I both know where this was going. I don't wan't to. Not yet." You sighed bringing your knees up to your chest.

"Why not though?"

"Because I don't, I'm not ready."

"Please, it'll be fun." He said sitting up too.

"I don't want to Gerald." Yous said your voice cracking a bit.

"Why?" He asked placing his hands on your knees.

"What if I'm not as good as the other girls." You began to cry referring to all the girls he's hooked up with in the past.

"Hey, don't cry." Gerald said scooting closer and wrapping his arms around you. "I'm sorry I kept asking, when the time comes and you're ready we'll do it. Don't worry about being better than the girls in my past. The meant nothing, I'm all about you now. You're all I'm worried about." He said squishing your face and placing a kiss on your lips.

"How about you get dressed and we'll go do something fun, yeah?" He said wiping the tear stains from your cheeks.

"Yeah." You nodded.

"I love you." he smiled.

"I love you more."

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