Are You Gonna Be My Dad Forever

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You watched carefully from the kitchen as Gerald sat at the table with your 6 year old daughter. Gerald was watching her as she colored in her coloring book. It was crazy how much she looked like Gerald.

You were doing the dishes and getting everything ready for dinner, listening in on their conversation.

"That looks pretty." Gerald smiled resting his head on his hand, the other one draped over the back of the chair your little girl was sitting in.

"I know." You said kicking her feet back and forth. You let out a laugh as you dried the plates with a dish towel.

"Soooo.." She started, coloring in the flowers at the bottom of the page. "Are you gonna be my dad forever?" She asked, still looking at the book.

"What kinda question is that?" Gerald chuckled sitting up.

"I dunno, I just wanna get my stuff straight. I wanna make sure so I know, ya know?" She said looking up at him and pushing her messy hair behind her ear.

"Of course I'm gonna be your dad forever, you weirdo." He laughed pinching her cheek.

"Okay good cause I really like you." She nodded.

"I really like you too." He smiled. She gave him a big grin before sitting up on her knees and taking his face in her small hands.

"I love you daddy." She giggled, kissing his nose.

"I love you too, you butt." He said kissing her nose too making her laugh even more.

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