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"Gerald! I can't believe you would say something like that!"

"Well I did. Get over it."

"Oh I will get over it. Don't you worry your pretty head about it."

"For godsake you're being bloody ridiculous!" He growls.

You give him a look, "Right."

The driver pulls up to the club and you strut in like you own the place. Gerald watches you, an incredulous look on his face.You sit up at the bar and a guy comes up and sits next to you. He tenses slightly, not doing anything but watching the situation carefully.

You start laughing at what the guy told you and you play with the ends of your hair. Gerald sees what you're doing and he narrows his eyes as this other guy leans in closer to you. How could you do that to him?

However you know what you're doing-Gerald hurt you. Diminishing your problems because his are greater.

It hurt. Because your problems are still problems.

"So do you have a boyfriend?"

Yes. Yes you did. One of a few years actually. But you knew G was in earshot.

"Sort of... We are sort of having problems right now." You sigh and look down.

Gerald tenses, moving a bit closer to hear better.

"Oh I am sorry to hear that." He put his hand on your forearm.

"So am I. I really loved-love?-him. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and sometimes I don't think realises how much I do love him." You sigh softly and look at the guy next to you, "And sometimes, I feel like I am just an accommodation for him. I am there so why not just keep me around because it's easier that way?" You sigh and look at your hands.

Gerald was in shock. He had no idea you felt that way and to hear about that in such a setting was troublesome. Would he have known if you hadn't decided to do it now?

Gerald loves you, he always did and always will. Hearing you feel this way broke his heart. The glare faded and he simply stared at you, in guilt and heart break.

The guy holds your hand and smiles sadly, "Let me buy you a drink."

You nod slightly, "Okay."

The guy order two shots and you thank him with a soft smile.

Maybe you didn't need Gerald?

That thought alone made you sick.

You needed him and he needed you. You took the shot back quickly. The guy puts his hand on your lower back and the look of murder took over Gerald's face.

This fucker had the nerve to touch his girl.

Gerald sees red for a moment. He debated. Should he wait a for a few moments before going to you or should he go now and break the bastard's hand?

He forced himself to take a deep breath. But that did nothing.

They guy leaned in closer, his lips brushing your ear as he whispered and Gerald growled.

G moved the short way through the crowd and came to you. "Hey Y/N, is this guy bothering you?"

You jump as you feel a new hand on your back and you raise your brow, "We were just talking."

"That wasn't the question I asked you."

"Lay off mate, she and I were just talking."

"Right. Was I talking to you? No." He glared, brow raising.


"No sweetie, let me take care of this douchebag for you." The guy put his hand on your thigh.

Gerald glares, his tongue moving across his lip before facing him more fully. "Douchebag?"

You recognise that look in his eyes, you've only seen it when guys hit on you and he was there. And you find it oddly... sensual and a slight turn on.

"Fucking listen here you twat. This is MY girlfriend-"

"Oh so YOU'RE the one neglecting such a beautiful woman who only seems to adore you-oddly enough."

Gerald slams him against the bar, his forearm on his neck.

"For God's sake!" You scream, hand on his bicep.

Gerald hits him once and a body guard comes over pealing G off of him.

Your hand covers your mouth, you don't so much as look at the other guy.

You go to Gerald, your hands resting on his face, "Are you all right?"

"Fine baby." He kissed your forehead before putting you behind him and getting in the guys face.

"Let me out it simply for you. You so much as look at my girl again, I won't let my body guard pull me off, understand?"

The guys face paled and he left quickly.

Gerald turned to look at you, "He had his hands all over you."


"Yes. And I didn't like it."

"I'm sorry-"

"And I heard what you had to say..."

Gerald looked down, "It hurt baby. I didn't know it was such a problem..."

You also look away, "Well I was being honest. Because whenever I try and talk about it with you, it's not important."

Gerald forces you to look at him, it startles you to see there are a few stray tears on his cheeks. "Y/N, it's always important. YOU'RE important to me, you're mine and I love you more than anything. I never want to loose you. And not telling me these types of things can hurt us."

You sigh, "See G, I've tried. You've pushed it off my problem and my problems are never important."

"Baby I am sorry. They are. They are so damn important. I've been a dick about all of this. I could never see you with another man... Seeing him flirt with you and you-"

"Gerald, there was nothing there. I love you. And no one else."

He sighed after a moment, "Well I think we should go home because it sounds like we have a lot to discuss..."

You bite your lip.

"If you want to... I mean-can we go home and talk about this?"

You nod and he takes your hand, kissing the back of it before leading you out towards the car.

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