Wrong Number pt. 1

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You leaned up on your elbows as you brushed the hair out of your face. Rubbing your eyes, you looked in the direction of your ringing phone. You didn't recognize the number but picked it up anyways.

"Hello?" You yawned scratching your head.

"I need someone to talk to" The voice spoke. It was a male voice, he sounded as if he had been crying.

"Talk to me." You answered sitting up and crossing your legs.

"I'm having a rough time, I just don't know what to do. I feel like half of the people in my life are only present for the money, because of who I am." You furrowed your brows together and leaned back against the head board, listening closely to everything he said.

"I can't just chill and hang out with someone, everyone makes it seem like I gotta have this big blowout. Every things gotta be crazy 24/7. It's cool and all, but I just wish I could settle down every once in a while. Maybe put things on pause for a second." You pulled the blanket up over your shoulders, slightly adjusting your position, propping the phone up on your shoulder so you wouldn't have to hold it. You listen to the him talk on and on about his life, how he's feeling. As the hours went on, you tried to stay awake, eventually you fell asleep.


You woke up and stared at carpet thinking about the phone call you got last night. As you replayed everything in your head your phone buzzed. You reached over and saw a text from the same number that called you.

'I'm so sorry about last night, I was drunk and I must've called the wrong number, I apologize I probably woke you.'

You smiled to yourself before replying to the stranger.

'It's all good, You did wake me but it's not a big deal. Would it be weird to ask for your name?'

You layed your phone on your stomach, waiting for him to reply.


You read his name aloud.

'Well Gerald, I'm Y/N.'

You quickly went and saved the unknown number to your phone under the name Gerald. You picked up your phone and walked into the kitchen starting a pot of coffee. As you reached up to grab a mug out of the cupboard your phone starting ringing. You turned around and placed the mug down, staring at the caller ID. It was him. He was calling. You slid your thumb across the screen and put the phone up to your ear.

"Hey there." You answered.

"Hey, quick question?" You smiled to yourself as his voice filled your ears.

"Ask away." You said twirling your finger around the rim of the cup.

"Why'd you stay on the phone last night? Like when I called? I was just some drunk stranger rambling on about nothing. You talked to me for a full four hours." You bit your lip as you thought about it. To be completely honest, you didn't really know why you answered or why you stayed on the call as long as you did.

"I'm actually not sure." You admitted.

"Either way I'm glad you did. I really needed someone to talk to, thanks for listening to my nonsense, Y/N. I've gotta get going but I hope I get to talk to you again." Before you could reply he'd already hung up. You set your phone down and let out a deep breath before turning your attention back to your coffee. 

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