Get Up

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You lied on floor of you and your boyfriends shared apartment. You closed your eyes and twirled your finger around the carpet. You got up pretty early that morning so you were pretty tired. Gerald walked in the living room and stood behind you.

"Hey babygirl." He smirked.

"I'm not in the mood, G." You sighed. "I know you're staring at my ass."

"It just looks so good." He laughed. As much as you loved this boy, you really weren't feeling it today.

"Leave me alone." You said waving your hand in the air. You figured he'd left because of the silence that filled the room. You felt Gerald get on the floor and lay on top of you.

"You're squishing me." You giggled trying to stay mad.

"Give me attention." He reaching up and grabbing your hands.

"No. Leave. Go away. Boyfriend be gone." You said wiggling your butt in attempt to get him off.

"Not a chance." You felt him lay his head down on top of yours.

You said opening your eyes. You felt Gerald move off of you and lay by your side. He rolled you over so you were now on your back.

"You did this. You take care of it." He grinned attacking your face with kisses. 

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