No Kids

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You and Gerald were doing your weekly grocery shopping, picking up the main things you needed but also things you probably didn't. Your eyes lit up as you approached the baby isle.

"Oh my God, babe look!" You said walking towards the small shoes. You heard Gerald groan as he followed behind you. "Look how tiny." You cried picking up a pair of flats that fir perfectly in the palm of your hand.

"Why are you so excited about this stuff?" He asked leaning against the basket.

"Because I can't wait to be a mom, aren't you excited about having kids someday?" You asked running your hand across a pair of boots.

"Not really, I don't actually want kids." He said checking his phone. Hearing those words kinda broke your heart.

"You don't want kids?" You questioned, trying not to sound upset.

"Well no, not really." He sighed shoving his phone in his back pocket. "I just don't think my lifestyle is fit for a baby, ya know?"

"Yeah." You said placing the shoes back on the shelf and pushed the basket in the opposite direction.

"Hey what's wrong?" Gerald asked running up behind you and placing his hands on the cart. You stopped in the middle of the isle and turned to look at him.

"I love you so freaking much, hearing that you don't want kids breaks my heart a little. I thought one day we'd have a little family. A little Gerald running around. But you're right, your lifestyle isn't fit for raising children and thats okay." You sighed as you continued walking again.

After a few minutes of silence, Gerald walked a little closer to you and threw his arm over your shoulder.

"So, a little Gerald huh?" 

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