Baby For A Week

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Y/S/N- Your Sister's Name

You and Gerald were lying on the couch just enjoying each other's company. Talking about upcoming stuff happening in Gerald's life, what you've been up to in yours.

You enjoyed moments like these, when he was home, just the two of you. You didn't have to worry about waking up and him not being there. Or him having to leave in a matter of days.

You leaned up and connected your lips to his, he wasted no time kissing you back. The kisses became heated, touches heavier. Before you knew it, this had turned into a full blown makeout session. That was until there was a knock on the door. You pulled yourself up off Gerald and went to open the door.


"Hey, Y/N!" She greeted pulling you into a hug.

"What are you doing here?" You asked stepping out of the way and letting her in.

"Remember, Im going out of town and you said you watch Taylor." She said referring to the baby in the carrier.

"When did I say that?"

"A few months ago. Here are all of her things."

"You didn't remind me. You can't just spring a baby on someone."

"Please? I don't have anyone else who will do it, and it's only for a week." You look over in G's direction, He shrugged and gave you a 'I don't know' look.

"I mean I guess." You sighed giving into your desperate sister.

"Thank you so much! You guys are the best!"She smiled setting everything down. "Inside the diaper bag is a list of everything you need to know. Thanks again, I better get going before I'm late." She smiled leaving the house.

You walked over to the carrier and looked down at your niece who was was smiling up at you. You've been around her, and other babies before but not for a week. You've never really taken care of one and by the looks of it neither has G.

"So a whole week?" Gerald asked standing beside you.

"A whole week." You confirmed.

"I think we can do it." He smiled snaking an arm around your waist. You knelt down and picked Taylor up.

"Hey Tay." You smiled her wiggle her arms and smile back.

After a few hours you had fed Taylor and gotten her to fall asleep. You walked into you and G's shared room and carfully sat down next to him, Taylor still in your arms.

"You're so good with her." Gerald smiled.

"Yeah I guess so." You said looking down at her. Gerald scooted closer to you and wrapped his arm around you, looking down at the baby in your arms.

"I guess this kinda a trial run." He joked.

"For what?" You laughed.

"For the future. When we have kids of our own." You felt butterflies in your stomach once the words left his lips.

"You want to have kids with me?" You asked.

"Definitely. Some time in the future, maybe after we get married." You were too busy processing everything that you hadn't noticed Gerald looking at you.

"I love you, Y/n." You looked up at G leaned in closer.

"I love you too." You sighed, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.   

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