Paint Me

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"Paint me." Gerald spoke into Y/N's ear. She looked up into his brown eyes and smiled.

"Okay." She whispered getting up and retrieving her supplies. She sat on the table in front of her boyfriend and began drawing on the paper. She picked up a brush and dipped in the paint adding color here and there. Gerald watched carefully as she did what she loved.

Gerald smiled as he watched the look of concentration on her face. She glanced up and him making him smile even more. A few flicks of white here and there and she was complete.

"Ready?" She asked gripping the paper tightly. He nodded as she turned it around.

"When I asked you to paint me, I meant a portrait." He laughed standing up and removing the strand of hair from her face.

"Well I painted you a galaxy, as you're everything around me that's so unknown to everyone else." She spoke, placing the painting next to her. Gerald knelt down so he was more to her level and placed a kiss on her plump lips.

"I love you." He smiled rubbing her cheek.

"I love you too." She said doing the same. 

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