Small Boobs

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You stood in the mirror checking out cleavage. You push them up and release. Up and release. Your breast have always been one of your insecurities, something you wish you could change.

They were small. On the brightside you could wear those cute bralettes and not have to worry about support. Or you could go completely braless all together.

You turned to the side and pushed your chest out, cupping the little boobage you had.

"Hey babygirl, whatcha doin'?" Gerald asked walking into your shared room and sitting on the bed.

"Nothing." You quickly said putting your hands down. You noticed the many pushup bras lying on the bed, you mumbled a 'fuck' as you watched Gerald pick one up.

"Are you sure nothing's up?" He questioned holding the bra up in front of him.

"Yes!" You sassed.

"I never noticed how small your bras were." He joked.

"Its not funny." You groaned, taking the bra from his hands and collecting the others. You threw them into the dresser and slammed the drawer shut.You crossed your arms, your back still facing Gerald.

"Is this about your boobs?" He asked walking up behind you.

"They're so small.." You sighed turning to face him.

"Oh c'mon, I love your boobs." He grinned reaching out an squeezing them.

"Stop." You blushed walking over to the bed and flopping down. The bed shifted as Gerald layed down beside you.

"No, I don't want you to feel bad about anything. You're absolutely perfect in my eyes. Every inch of you is pure perfection. I wouldn't change a damn thing about you, not even your breast." He said kissing your cheek.

"Thanks." You said turning your head to face him.

"You're beautiful baby." He smiled crashing his lips onto yours.

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