You're Pregnant

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You paced the bathroom floor as you held the pregnancy test in your hand. Four test later, you were absolutely sure you were pregnant. You sat down on the edge of the bathtub and rested your head on your hands.

You tried to figure out how you were going to tell Gerald, or if you even were going to tell Gerald. Does he even want kids? Is he going to leave you the minute you tell him?

With all these bad thoughts running through your head you decided to just put if off for a bit. You gathered all of the test you took and shoved them in one of the empty boxes, throwing it in the garbage.

You exited the bathroom and headed down stairs, flopping down on the couch. You turned on the tv in attempt to distract yourself from the whole pregnancy thing.

You turned your attention to the front door as Gerald walked it. He sat his bag down by the tv and walked over to you kissing your forehead.

"Hey baby, how're you doing?" He asked walking back over to the door and hanging his keys on the hook.

"I'm doing fine." You lied, flashing him a fake smile.

"I'm gonna go shower, when I get out we can watch a movie or something, yeah?"

"Sounds good." You smiled turning your attention back to the tellie.


"Hey babe?" You heard Gerald call from the top of the stairs.

"Yeah?" You called back. You heard footsteps coming down the stairs, you looked over at your wet boyfriend who was in nothing but a towel.

"When uh- Were you going to tell me you're pregnant?" He asked holding up the box of pregnancy test. It hadn't crossed your mind that Gerald wouold see them in the trash.

"I wasn't going to, I mean I would eventually, I just didn't know how.. I was- and still kinda am scared." You said feeling your chest get heavy.

"What? Scared of what?" He asked sitting down next to you.

"Scared that you wouldn't want to have a kid with me. Scared that you don't want a family right now. Scared that you'd leave me." You sighed, fiddling with your fingers.

"Y/N are you crazy? I would never leave you, no matter what. I can't wait to be a dad. We are going to be the coolest parents ever. I'm excited, this is amazing!" Gerald laughed setting the box on the table and wrapping his arms around you. "God I'm so in love with you."

"I'm so in love with you too." You laughed. Gerald tightened his grip on you as he kissed your cheek. "You know, this would probably be more touching if you were wearing pants."

"You're probably right." He sighed letting go of you. "I'm gonna go put pants on." He smiled kissing the top of your head.

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