I Can't Forgive You

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"I love you," You paused easing the aching pain in his chest momentarily, until you bent down, wrapping your arms around him placing a kiss on his lips. "But I can't forgive you." You spoke, abruptly taking a step back.

Gerald looked up at your tear stained face. You stared down at the figure of a man, whom you thought loved you as much as you did him. You took a deep breath, attempting to pull yourself together. You gave him one last look before picking up your purse and phone.

As you shut the door around you, Gerald's world completely crumpled around him. He felt broken, he was unable to comprehend what was happening. All he knew was that he just let the best thing in life walk out the door.

You got in the drivers seat of your Tesla and set your things beside you. Everything that had just happened replaying in your head like a broken record, or a movie that you were unable to turn off.

Images of Gerald and the other girl flashing in your mind. Two whole years tossed down the drain, and for what? Because Gerald couldn't wait three days to see you? None of this making any sense in your head, you started the car and began to drive leaving behind what could've been.  

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