You Can't Go

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You stood in front of the mirror applying your makeup when you heard your front door open.

"Y/N where you at?" You heard Gerald yell. He was your bestfriend, so it wasn't weird when he barged into your apartment like he did.

"I'm in here!" You called back applying some mascara to your lower lashes. Gerald entered your room and flopped down on your bed.

"Whatcha getting ready for?" He asked propping himself up on a pillow.

"A date." You said applying some lipstick.

"A what?" He asked sitting up.

"A date, G. I'm going on a date." You laughed.

"You can't, you aren't allowed to." He said standing up and crossing his arms.

"Gee thanks dad, but I think I'll be fine." You joked. He rolled his eyes, shifting his weight onto his right foot.

"Where did you meet this guy?" He questioned.

"At the grocery store."

"Do you know anything about him?"

"Not a lot, but thats kinda the point of the date. To get to know each other." You furrowed your brows at hims and you tied your hair up.

"What is he's a serial killer or something? What if he hates puppies? You can't date a guy who hates puppies."

"G, you're acting weird." You laughed. "Turn around, I'm changing." He did as you said and turned around facing the wall. You slid of the clothes you were wearing and put on a light pink bodycon dress.

"I'm not acting weird, it's just I don't want you to go."

"You can turned around now." You said adjusting the straps on your dress.

"Well you can't wear that either. Jesus." He said throwing his hands up. "Please, please don't go on this date."

"I'm going. Have you seen my shoes?" You asked looking around the room.

"I'm begging you. Don't go." You walked closer to him, since he was sitting on your bed it was easier to look him in the eyes.

"Why not? Why can't I go?" You asked resting your hands on his shoulders.

"Because I love you, and if you go it'll break my heart." He said placing his hands on your waist and looking at the floor. You felt you heart melt. You've liked Gerald for a long time but you ignored it.

"Awe, Gerald I love you too." You smiled putting your hands on his cheeks making him look at you.

"So does that mean you're not gonna go?" He grinned. You couldn't help but smile at his cuteness.

"Yes that means I'm not going." You laughed.

"Good." He said pulling you closer. He brought you face closer to his and placed a kiss on your lips. You felt butterflies in your stomach. Your lips fit perfectly together. You pulled away and looked down, you felt you cheeks get hot as they turned a bright red.

"You spent a good amount of time getting ready, we can let all that work go to waist." He sighed, pulling you onto his lap.

"And what are you getting at?"

"I want to take you out- our first date."

"That sounds lovely." You smiled.

"Oh here are your shoes.." Gerald said reaching behind your pillow. You opened your mouth and took them from his hands.

"Did you hide my shoes in the hopes that I wouldn't go?"

"Yes I did." He ginned, looking very pleased with himself. 

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