You Make It Bearable

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You sat with your legs across G's lap as he traced circles on your knee. It was around 1 a.m. and your flight was delayed. The two of you had been on tour together for the past few months.

You'd lied your head on Gerald's shoulder in attempt to get some sleep but it wasn't happening.

"I hate this." You groaned adjusting your position. "We should be on our way to Vegas right now but instead we're stuck in this stupid airport."

"Awh my baby's tired. You get so cranky when you're tired." Gerald laughed looking over at you. "Do you remember when this happened back in Nebraska?"

"Oh god." You laughed remembering the tantrum you had. "We waited 6 hours, that was ridiculous." you said in attempt to defend yourself.

"Okay, fair enough." G yawned.

"Oh, what about that time we were walking to sound check and you weren't paying attention and walked straight into a wall."

"I was distracted by your beauty." Gerald scoffed.

"Oh please." You laughed, playfully hitting his arm.

"What about when you tripped over nothing on stage."

"That was so embarrassing." You said bringing your hands to your face.

"It was cute." Gerald smiled taking your hands away from your face.

"Well at least I didn't forget the words to my own song." You joked.

"Okay true." He laughed intertwining your fingers. "Tour life is crazy, getting up early, being super busy 24/7, not getting enough sleep. Don't get me wrong, I love it but it can be a little too much sometimes. But you make is bearable."

"Dido." You smiled, leaning over and kissing his cheek.

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