I Have A Boyfriend

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You leaned up against the counter of your favorite music shop, flipping through a magazine. You were waiting for your boyfriend, who worked across the street, to get off work.

You looked up and noticed a tall, lanky guy standing in the corner looking in your direction. You turned your attention back to your magazine, thinking he might be looking elsewhere.

You glanced up to see he was still staring at you. You felt your cheeks get hot as he sent you a wink. You tucked your hair behind your ear and turned the page.

You wanted to see if he was still looking at you, you looked up through your eyelashes and say the guy still had his dark eyes set on you. When he noticed you were looking again he pointed at you.

You held up a finger and mouthed 'me' he nodded and motioned for you to come over. You slightly shook your head and flipped the magazine page once more.

"Weird, usually that works." You heard a deep voice speak. You looked up to see the guy standing in front of you. "I'm Gerald by the way." He smiled holding out his hand.

"Y/N." You smiled, taking his hand.

"I couldn't help but notice how beautiful you were." He winked.

"Thank you." You blushed shutting the magazine and setting it aside.

"Just out of curiosity, why didn't my 'move' work?" He questioned.

"I don't know, maybe I'm not into guys who creepily stare at me from across the room." You joked.

"Fair enough." He laughed. "Do you maybe wanna get a drink sometime?"

"I uh- I actually have a boyfriend." You said, picking at your nail polish.

"What a shame. I should've known a pretty girl like you wouldn't be single." He laughed. "Well here's my number anyways, call me if things don't work out." He said ripping a corner off the magazine and taking a pen from his pocket.

You took the number from his hands and gave him a smile.

"I'll uhm." You said looking down at the piece of paper. "I'll call if things.-"

"Don't work out." He smirked, rubbing your cheek with his thumb as he walked away. You fiddled the paper in your hand before sliding it into your pocket. 

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