Please Help Me

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You slowly closed the front door, trying not to wake your boyfriend who was probably sleeping upstairs. You dropped your purse and sighed. You had no idea what time it is, but you knew it was really late. You went out with your friends, who you haven't really hung out with much lately. You guys had a few drinks and you had someone sober drive you home. You stood there contemplating going up to your room or not. After a few minutes of swaying back in forth in one place, you decided to go ahead and walk upstairs. On your way you stubbed your toe and fell back on your butt. "Well fuck me!" You cried reaching over and grabbing your foot. Seconds later Gerald came running down the stairs. The sight of his drunk girlfriend on the floor holding her foot must have been funny because he started laughing. He walked over to you and knelt down. "So?" he grinned. You looked down and wiped your cheek. "I'm really drunk, please help me." G laughed picking you up bridal style and carrying you up to your room where he helped you change and get into bed. He turned off the light and got behind you, wrapping his arms around your waist. "Please don't lemme drink anymore." you said rubbing his arm. "Okay, babygirl." He smiled kissing the top of your head.   

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