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Right Time (G-Eazy Fanfiction) by ColdBastilleMusic
Right Time (G-Eazy Fanfiction)by Taylor
She's was a fighter, a lover, and photographer. He was a rapper, a lover, and flirt. They grew up in the bay and promised nothing would tear them apart. Then again that...
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  • g-eazy
  • love
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Fly Away - G-Eazy by lovingpaynetrain
Fly Away - G-Eazyby lovingpaynetrain
She came to Los Angeles to become a director and happened to become the director for G-Eazy's new music video for "Me, Myself & I". Through working and getting...
  • romance
  • love
  • geazy
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Instagram ; G-eazy by cloudybut
Instagram ; G-eazyby cloudybut
Just read it
  • gerald
  • g-eazy
  • geazy
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Daddy's Gone( G-eazy)  by califormula_xo
Daddy's Gone( G-eazy) by or1ginal
"All there is was fame,fortune,girls, but there was never your daughter."
  • gerald
  • rapper
  • interracial
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Instagram: G-eazy 2 by cloudybut
Instagram: G-eazy 2by cloudybut
Part two to my previous book
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  • geazy
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G-Eazy, by G-Eazysbabygirl
G-Eazy,by Matty
Young Gerald Earl Gillum also known as G-Eazy
  • gerald
  • young
  • eazy
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Drifting Back [Fanfiction G-Eazy] Book 1 by ColdBastilleMusic
Drifting Back [Fanfiction G-Eazy] Taylor
Yes that song Marilyn is about me, Daniella Evans. Yes I dated G-Eazy before he was cool. O the girl he cheated on me with? Her name was Devon Baldwin. So how the hell d...
  • gerald
  • geazy
  • must
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Take Me Down // G-Eazy Fanfic by TamiaDemarest
Take Me Down // G-Eazy Fanficby TamiaDemarest
"Why work in a shitty local bar with shitty pay when you can be my rich ass assistant?" He asks. "I say dump the truck, call it a day and go with the bigg...
  • gerald
  • random
  • geazy
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Servant to Brendon Urie (Fanfic) by StineNielsen6
Servant to Brendon Urie (Fanfic)by .:\\lexi nielsen//:.
To be a servant for Brendon Urie, was a hell, the beginning. But I start to like what he did to me, and I was opposite of what I used to be, and I like what I become. (I...
  • clean
  • fanfiction
  • servant
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Rules He Broke [G-eazy] by ColdBastilleMusic
Rules He Broke [G-eazy]by Taylor
What's one thing a Rapper always does? Get in trouble. Nothing is different about G-Eazy in that sense. He likes to party and stir up shit just like anyone else in his b...
  • music
  • nf
  • gerald
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The Journalist // G-Eazy by scarywbu
The Journalist // G-Eazyby Scarywbu
"I've never felt this way, so wrapped up in someone. Write about it. Share it to the world. Love will be your next best seller."
  • music
  • geraldgillum
  • love
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Gamers  by SinTxstic
Gamers by ☆yEET☆
gg gamers welcome to hell
  • âu
  • andy
  • sebastian
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daddy, not gerald ➡ g-eazy by ohmygerald
daddy, not gerald ➡ g-eazyby clara
⏩call me Daddy, not Gerald⏪ She was just another face in the crowd. But the moment, he laid his eyes on her, he knew she was going to be his. ⚠june 2016 @ohmygerald
  • love
  • gerald
  • babygirl
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G-Eazy imagines by JuicemanSkate
G-Eazy imaginesby EazyMaloski
G-Eazy is Hot af!❤️ Get When Its Dark Out on iTunes! Some might be dirty *smirks*
  • wild
  • thesethingshappen
  • gerald
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The Feeling; G-Eazy by notcallie
The Feeling; G-Eazyby callie™
She was different from the rest, maybe just the kind of different he needed. ///unrevised
  • music
  • g-eazy
  • marilyn
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One Of Them (G-Eazy One Shots) by ColdBastilleMusic
One Of Them (G-Eazy One Shots)by Taylor
Requested book of story stories for G-eazy.
  • geazy
  • romance
  • love
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BERLYN by Arini_Milataka
BERLYNby Arinizanqueen
Charissa Berlyana Angellista. Grandy Gerald Putra. Berawal dari kebencian Berakhir cinta. Namanya juga penyakit CINTA yang dapat menyebabkan penderitanya kejang kejang d...
  • charissa
  • cuek
  • cantik
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Les dedico mi muerte by RenataAnculle
Les dedico mi muerteby Renata
Todos ustedes me dieron un empujon para cometer esto.....y si ay que buscar culpables........son todos ustedes....mis 10 razones para cometer esto *** #6 en cartas...
  • bob
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