It Means Nothing

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You stood off to the side as Gerald met with the fans, taking picture, signing autographs, etc. You loved that Gerald cared about his fans so much but sometimes it got to you. The way some of them practically throw themselves at him.

You've talked to Gerald, told him how you feel. How uncomfortable it makes you when he signs breast and butts. Since the two of you are getting married soon, you'd think he'd stop, but he always tells you it's nothing to worry about.

You watched as couple of girls, maybe a few years younger than you, walk up to Gerald. One ran her hand down his chest, the other running her fingers through his hair.

"Can you sign my chest?" The one asked flipping her hair over her shoulder and pulling her shirt down slightly.

"Sure." Gerald said taking the lid off the marker with his teeth. He bent down and proceeded to sign her breast. You shook your head as you watched the scene in front of you.

The girls continued to flirt with Gerald, occasionally touching his arm or chest. He wasn't saying anything about it, which made you upset. You turned away and walked back to G's dressing room. You sat down on the couch until everything was over.


You heard the door open, you looked up and saw Gerald enter the room.

"Why'd you leave?" He asked walking over to the mirror and fixing his hair.

"Because I got tired of seeing girls all over my fiancé." You said standing up.

"It doesn't mean anything, I don't know why you're so upset." Gerald chucked.

"It means something to me, Gerald. You're my fiancé, I don't feel comfortable watching girls run their hands all over you, or watching you sign their tits." You said crossing your arms.

"It's not a big deal though, baby." He said walking towards you.

"If it's not a big deal, then getting married isn't either." You said taking off your engagement ring.

"Baby don't be like this." Gerald said pushing your hand away.

"I'm sorry but if you don't see the problem with girls being all over you while you're engaged to be married, then it's not going to work out. Goodbye Gerald." You sighed walking out the door.

You understood that Gerald was going to have girls all over him, but when he has a chance to tell them to stop he should. Deep down you knew you made the right decision, even though it hurt you knew it was best. 

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