Chapter 1

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I was going to write this as a straight story but I want to spread awareness that stalking can happen to anybody at anytime...

I deeply regret to have to do this but...

Wattpad has deleted my story Boytoy without any notice. It seems to have happened to a lot of users, and I must inform yall that I will be moving my stories else where. Idk where yet. I will let yall know where when I do. 

I suggest you do the same. Wattpad support hasn't gotten back to me since they sent the first email. 

I love wattpad, i've been here for 8 years. But its time to go elsewhere.

Do not fret, I will leave the stories here, if they do not get deleted that is. This is not goodbye. its just a see yall soon. 


"Blake, I need to talk to you" I said walking to him at the back door where he was smoking a cigarette.

"Whats up?" He asked putting out the snipe

"I- I don't know how to say this but. I've done a lot of thinking and we have been growing apart for some time-"

"Stop right there" He said holding his hand up. He let out a large sigh

"Blake. I'm sorry. I really care for you but these last few months you've been on edge and-"

"Don't blame this on me!" He yelled pointing a finger in my face.


I let out an oof as I was shoved into the counter. He was screaming in my face with rage. I've never seen him like this. I needed to get away from his before he killed me.

-5 minutes later

"Im sorry!" I cried for the eighth time.

"Shut up!" He roared

His arm swung over his chest to the other side and he brought it down with full force. I could hear a faint whistle as his fist came down fast. The sudden burst of pain and ringing in my ear made me gasp.

I fell on the wood floor with a loud smack.

I let the tears fall as I curled into a ball. I looked up at him pleading him with my eyes. That just seemed to piss him off. He jumped down to me and pried me out of my self made ball of protection.

He straddled my thighs and grabbed my arms which were flying around crazily. He grabbed my wrists in one hand and held them over my head. His other hand balled up into a fist and started raining down on my face and torso.

I could only lay there struggling and scream. The cries getting louder everytime the fist hit me. He was yelling at me but I wasn't sure what he was saying.

The beating seemed to last for hours but it eventually stopped. By the end I was sobbing and holding my side with one arm while the other was up between Blake and I. I was holding my arm up trying to protect myself ready to grab his arm if he tried to hurt me again.

"Fuck!" He yelled in frustration as he got up and stared down at me.

He ran a hand through his damp hair as he paced. Occasionally as he looked down at me as he paced. Eventually as he stopped he leaned down and held a hand out to me.

I immediately tried to back away from him. He just sighed and walked behind me and slid down the refrigerator. I could feel his arm wrap around me and pull me to him. I sobbed and squirmed but he wouldn't let me go.

"Shhh... im sorry. Jamie please, please stop crying! Baby please. I love you. I'm so sorry love!" Blake sobbed as he held me and rubbed my arm. His face buried in my neck.

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