Chapter 15

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I was doing what I used to do when I was a teenager before Blake and I had gotten together. I was sitting alone, drinking hot cocoa, and doodling in my notebook at the bookstore slash coffee joint.
  The town isn't know for being exactly "metropolitan chic," so this coffee shop had been quite a shake up for the small conservative town. But it was doing so well and had such good business that it hadn't seen any signs of closing down anytime soon.
  While I was sitting at the two person table by the window minding my own, a man sat down across from me and his group of toughs surrounded us.

"Hey, Jameson right?"

I swallowed hard and nodded slightly. This man was dressed and looked like an old boss from the movies. He was big, with dark hair, gold ring on his finger, and dressed to the nines. His Armani suit looked like something my old boss would have worn on a leisurely stroll through the shopping district.

"My name is Dante, I'm a friend of Jackson. Now, I've noticed that Jackson had been neglecting his duties and was wondering what the distraction was."

"Well, Dante, Jackson and I are no longer speaking, so I'm sure that he will be on point from now on."

Dante sat back and stared at me for a moment while looking like he was amused. My eyes flicked away to one of the thugs with a scar running down his cheek and I slightly squirmed in my seat as he stared me down.
I looked back at Dante and he grinned as he noticed my discomfort. He leaned in to the table and looked at my book and flipped a page. After he looked, he sat back and stood up.

"I'm sure I'll be seeing you around Jameson. Those are nice drawings, you should consider moving out of this town to one of the big cities and be a artist. There's not much need for an artist here, if ya catch my drift." He said as he looked directly at me while smoothing his overcoat down.

I nodded meekly and stared down at my hands while they exited the shop. When they had finally cleared the block, I started drawing my new characters.
  A mob boss with a group of thugs who's only purpose was to stop the hero and harass him for no reason. Their gang name? Well, I'm not sure yet. But I will let you know when I get there.

After thirty minutes of writing I decided it was safe to leave and headed out to my bike that I had recently found in my parents garage. I unlocked my bike and then headed on home, only to find that an unmarked car was following me. Right when I was about to cross the street, the car sped up and nearly hit me.

 My heart was pounding hard as I looked up and saw them speed away. Many people stopped and stared at me in shock but then I finally exited the street. For the rest of my journey home I was shaking and nearly fell off from my bike. 

When I finally got home I ran into the house and locked the door behind me. Dad had the day off and was sitting in his recliner watching an old war movie with his eyes closed and mouth open. He snorted when I shut the door.

"Son. Stop slamming doors, this old house can't take the stress anymore." 

"Sorry to wake you dad."

"I wasn't sleeping. I was watching this movie,"

"Is it good?" I asked coyly. 

"Yeah. Its a war movie, 'course its good."

I went into the kitchen and made some sandwiches and drinks and decided to sit with dad. We both ate and then laid back to watch the rest of the film. Well, I watched. My old man fell asleep after belching and unbuttoning his pants.

I must have taken after my dad because I fell asleep soon after. Mom woke us up long after the channel had changed movies. She had made dinner while we were asleep and she already had the dinner table set up.

 We all sat down and ate and talked about the day. After we all retired to the living room where dad, again, unbuttoned his pants and patted his belly with a sigh. I rolled my eyes and snickered. Mom sat on her chair next  to dads and was knitting him a new scarf. I lay sprawled across the couch. This very simple night, was one of the best nights I've had in years.


okay theres a lot of name changes tbh. I keep forgetting so if I'm writing about a character and the name changes....its most likely the same character. 

Blakes name was going to be Scott but I changed it to Blake Scott.

Dante was Anthony, but jamies dad is name anthony/Tony. 

I'm sure i might have forgot jamies moms name as well. :/

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