Chapter 5

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Taking the I-95 down to Georgia was a lot more boring than I thought. I was exhausted and slightly embarrassed when I found out that I checked in to the motel dressed in my underwear. The next morning I dressed and checked out. The farther I got away from New York, the better chance I had of escaping Blake. That also meant I had gotten closer to my home town. A small town with a population of 2,000 humble, god-fearing, people.

In eight years I had been city-fied from being around New Yorkers all the time. At first they would comment on my accent. I didn't have an accent, People from up north just talked funny.

I had just made it out of North Carolina in my long drive and I only had to drive straight through South Carolina and I would be in Georgia. Two hours and I would finally make it home to the town of Eddinberg.

I stopped at a small town for some early dinner. I went into a diner and sat down at the counter then looked over the menu. I settled for a burger with everything on it and a side of fries. When the waitress took my order I also ordered some water.

While waiting for my food my eyes settled on a group of teens and some adults. The one who caught my attention the most was a small dark haired skater boy. The boy had pink neon jeans on and a bandana. He was pretty loud and amusing in a obnoxious kind of way.

Judging by the loud talking he was doing his name was Kyle. There was an older boy who was always grumbling and pushing him around. I assumed he was the brother.

Then there was another boy. He just had this aura of sadness and loss around him. He was small, pale, and had black hair and the most amazing eyes. He would smile but it just seemed to never truly reach him.

By the way the other larger male stood over him I could only come to the conclusion that he was the boyfriend. Also because he couldn't keep his hands off of him. They snuggled together and fed each other and it just made me sad to think that it was all a lie.

Love was just chemical and when it ran out, all you had was lies, cheating, and hurt. Nothing but hurt.

I sat there quietly and nibbled at some crackers and sipped at my water. I was starting to have doubts about leaving Blake. After all, we only had each other. Blake took care of me for years and was there for me through the worst week of my life.

I asked the waitress to watch my stuff while I went to wash up. I was at the sink and saw my poor face. I almost broke down but I remembered what Blake told me. Men don't bitch and whine.

I was washing my face with a towel when the boy with black hair came in. He took the sink next to me and grabbed a towel and started rubbing at his white shirt with an orange stain on it.

"That clumsy jerk" he muttered as he added water and soap.

"You should probably dab. Rubbing does more damage to the material" I offered.

"Thanks" he said.

"And you should get you're nose placed" he said looking at me

"What?" I asked looking at my nose. I knew it hurt but I couldn't see much wrong.

"It's crooked. Right here" he said as he showed me. Sure enough, Blake broke my nose.

"Oh my gosh. I didn't even..."

"It's fine. Many people don't when they get jumped. At least that's what I'm assuming" he said

"Its... I took a nasty spill down some steps. Damn, traffic and everything" I laughed lightly.

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