Chapter 12

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 I yawned and looked around my small boring office with a tired expression and a wipe of my face. It was only ten a.m. and I was tired already.

I had spent the better half of last night complaining about my 'date' to my parents over some hot cocoa, which then lead to the not so better half of the night that consisted of me crying over everything. Like, Blake, Jackson, my parents, this town, my life, the lady bug I accidentally stepped on, and the saddest five minutes ever from Toy Story 3 and Up.

I slapped my face a little to wake myself up and get these numbers typed into the budget. One wrong move and a dollar could turn into a thousand which could bankrupt us.

I was calculating away when the door on my lone trailer was being rapped upon. I stopped and looked up as a man stepped in. He was the man who was following me in the blacked out car. 

Immediately I was terrified and I moved my hand to the phone. Before I could reach it he stepped forward and grabbed my arm and dragged me out of my chair and across the small room. He slammed me up against the wall and placed his arm against my throat. I choked and reached up and tried to fight him up or pull his arm off of me.

He leaned in so close I could smell his hot garlicy-onion ring breath. I would have gagged if his arm hadn't been crushing my wind pipe.

"I was told to bring you in, unharmed." He mumbled.

 I hit him and fought but to no avail. He reached in his back pocket and pulled out a knife. I had read somewhere that when a victim sees a knife instead of a handgun, they comply, as opposed to fighting.

Well in that moment I understood. That knife seemed one hundred times more deadly than a gun. I immediately froze and stared, wide-eyed at the knife.

He gently ran the tip of the knife from the edge of my left eye, down my face and curved it around my neck. 

He then lead me toward the door but the knob jiggled and slowly turned. He pushed me away from him and concealed his knife in his jacket just in time. I coughed slightly and stopped as he glared at me.

We looked up and saw Jackson walk in with a big smile on his face. His smiled dropped as he looked between the man and I.

"Who are you?" Jackson asked blatantly.

"Somebody you should not concern yourself with. Mr. Luca, I will be back to speak with you about the particulars of my business." The man said as he stared me down with no emotion at all.

 The man left and Jackson shut the door behind him. He quickly walked up to me and tried to hug me but I rebuffed his affection.

"What's wrong?" Jackson asked.

"Nothing. What are you doing here?" I asked as I started to pack my laptop and office supplies I needed to bring my work with me while I headed to the safety of the work site.

"I thought I could charm you into a lunch date. What's got your panties in a twist?" 

"Nothing. And I thought you would never bring that up again." I hissed as he laughed.

"I didn't think you would actually do it." Jacks chuckled.

"You said you were wearing them too. Do you know how embarrassing that was when Colby Everette pantsed me?! It was traumatizing!" I yelled.

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