Chapter 18

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I fidgeted with my jacket for the third time, pulling on the sleeve to try and grab a hold of anything to stop my shaking fists. I looked around and tried to calm my nerves. I was a couple blocks away from my house waiting for Blake to pick me up for our "date," which, like always ended up as a meeting for Blake to score big and show off for his clients. Like the time when it was our anniversary he had told me we were going to an exclusive restaurant that also had a first class show and it had turned into us "bumping in to" a couple of new clients he had to impress.

I sighed and checked my phone again and then put it back in my pocket when I heard a car driving toward me. I stood there and stared as Blake's black Bently pulled up and he rolled down the window. He thought he was so funny by asking, "how much?" I just glared at him as I climbed into his car.

I remained completely silent while he sang quietly to the radio and drove to the fancy restaurant where I was sure that word would get back to my parents and then I would be kicked out or scolded, or something.

"Blake?" I whispered.


"Why do you still want me? You can have anyone you want. You don't want me." I tried to reason.

"I still want you don't get that wrong. I'm not done with you yet. I am actually quite fond of you. I like the way you are completely subservient to me. Do you know how long it would take to find another one just like you? Besides, 'till death do us part' and I guess now, it really is death do we part." He sighed happily as he pulled into the parking lot.

I decided stop talking and just be as submissive as I could so I could hopefully get out unscathed. If I did exactly as he said, he wouldn't hit me. But once we pulled up to the restaurant I started to feel a bit scared seeing all the nice black cars and trucks parked outside. There were a few thugs, who looked straight out a mafia movie, standing outside smoking.

I took a deep breath and didn't let it out until we went inside. Only when we passed that threshold and was greeted by the warm smile of the hostess did I feel a bit at ease. She led us to the back in a private meeting room reserved for high rollers.

I immediately felt my body go cold when I saw that cold calculative look of the one and only Dante. He was sitting at the booth in the corner sipping on some wine with who I assumed to be his right hand man. His thugs were all scattered around the room along the walls, some with drinks, and others playing cards at the other empty tables.

We went to the table and Blake made me slide in the middle, so now I was sitting between to very scary men. They greeted one another and started talking about stuff that I didn't want to get into so I ignored them and stared at my thumbs. Once I really studied them did I notice my right thumb was thicker than my left. Weird.

A waiter came in and nervously took our order. He couldn't leave the room fast enough as he stumbled and practically crawled out the room. They all took pleasure in this and laughed the poor kid out.

Bottles kept coming and papers kept sliding across the table when the door opened. We all looked up and I was shocked to see Jackson walking in. He was kind of shocked to see me as well and stopped walking for a moment before regaining his composure and walked toward us.

"I didn't know they let dogs in here." Blake commented and took a sip of his wine.

"How else would you have been let in here?" Jackson retorted.

"Jamie is well trained." Blake smirked nodding toward me. I blushed deeply and could feel that Jackson was trying to hold back giving Blake satisfaction.

"Scott, Bailey. Please, this is a business deal. Lets enjoy the wine and talk about the whole reason we came here." Dante said while signaling for more wine to be brought in.

"I thought you had it under control Jamie." Jackson said while sliding into the booth.

I just ignored him and took a long pull of my wine. I tried to zone out but ever now and again Dante would give Blake these odd looks and once he even put his hand on my thigh and gave it a light squeeze under the table.

We were there for a few hours. I hadn't the slightest clue as to what they were discussing, but it sounded as if they were talking about real-estate. They were mentioning warehouses in and around the town. Then, when dinner came to an end we all stood up and started walking out with Blake escorting me to a black SUV that we hadn't arrived in.

It was only after he put me in the SUV that I realized what was going on. I tried to get out but Blake roughly shoved me back inside. He gave me a very stern look and shut the door behind me. He and Dante shook hands then parted as Dante slid into the car beside me. A few of his thugs got in and we started to drive away.

I turned my head to the side when Dante started rubbing the back of my neck and unbuttoning my shirt. I looked out the window and saw Jackson looking at the SUV and staring at us until I could no longer see him. I closed my eyes and decided that I couldn't live in this town either. I hated to have to break my parents heart's, but they would surely understand. Until then, I just had to survive the night.


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