Chapter 14: The Meeting 1

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     I sat in the car with my hands gripping the seatbelt until my knuckles turned white. I took a deep breath and tried to settle my stomach which was churning into a hot pile of slush. I looked over at dad who was glaring towards the restaurant with his hand on his pistol.

"Dad. It's okay." I whispered and grabbed his hand. He squeezed my hand and nodded but never turned his eyes off the building.

"Lets get this over with."

I nodded and we got out of the car. Dad was pretty much guarding over me like a hawk or a bear. When we got to the door dad went in first. He surveyed the restaurant and then his eyes turned dark and narrowed on the dark headed man sitting at a table near the window.

Dad immediately stomped over to the table and loomed over Blake. Blake looked up at dad and did seem a little nervous, which was a good thing. It meant that he was in the right mind and was obviously scared.

"Hello Mr. Luca, Jamie. I'm glad that you came." Blake said as he stood.

Dad was quick to push me behind him and take a defensive stance at Blake's sudden movement. Blake looked a bit hurt at that move but he didn't seem angry. As soon as Blake took his seat, dad relaxed and sat me down near the window so he could take the aisle in front of Blake.

"So, Blake. You seem to be, better. Healthier." I offered. He smiled a little at my attempt.

"Yeah. I didn't want to mess this up so I stayed on top of taking my medication. I just wanted to have a clear picture of what you wanted." Blake explained while looking down at the table. He almost looked helpless.

"What he wants is for you to leave him alone." Dad growled.

"Dad!" I gasped. "He didn't mean-"

"Yes I did." "Yes he did." They both said at the same time.

"I understand. I hurt you Jamie. Even after everything that has happened between you two, he still is your father and he still cares about you."

"Blake. What do you think is going to happen?" I asked.

"Well I guess hope and think are two completely different things. I think that you won't come home, that you will never forgive me, and I will lose you and be alone... I can only hope, or rather wish, that you give me a miracle and come home. Where we can help each other. Spend the rest of our lives together."

The waitress came and interrupted our thoughts. None of us were really hungry considering that we had a brick of lead in our stomachs. We just settled on some soda pops.

"Blake." I sighed and tried again, ignoring my dads intense stare, "I wish that we could go back to before everything happened."

"It can. We could-"

"No, Blake. It can't. Everything happened and nobody will ever forget it."

Blake sighed and smacked the table in frustration which made dad jump up and get in a fight stance. Blake took a few deep breaths and visibly calmed and ignored my dad once more.

"Jamie. Just think about it okay? I beg you to reconsider and think about our entire life and future." Blake pleaded.

"You two have no future together. Your future ended the moment you laid your voice to my son, but the fact that you laid your hands on him, Satan has a special place for you." Dad sternly spoke.

With that, dad grabbed me and dragged me out of the restaurant. I could hear Blake breathing very deeply. He was muttering under his breath but it was hard for me to decipher. Finally I was out of ear shot and we were out the door.

Dad was pretty silent during the ride home but when he was talking, he was cursing Blake. I cherished the silence because not only was my ears spared, but I could ponder what Blake was angrily muttering.

It couldn't be bad. I mean. He was getting help... Right?


Hey guys. Since this is way overdue I am pushing this chapter out and then writing the second part of the chapter. 

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