Chapter 8

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Hey guys I'm baaaack! So if u don't know, my laptop short circuited and burned some wire. So I'm pretty scared to use it now. But I may use it again idk yet.

I got a new laptop so i will be able to write more often. (hopefully) if i can get the creativity and will to write again.


I slowly wandered down the stairs dressed in black slacks, purple button up, black vest, white and pastel colored tie, and a black coat. No, I was not going on a date. I was going to work. An actual job.

"Hey son. You look, dressed like them fancy picture in the magazine. You do realize we're going to work?" My dad asked as he stood by the counter drinking coffee.

Unlike me, my dad was dressed in jeans, a flannel button up, white under shirt, and work boots.

"Well this is what I wore when I worked in the city. I'll be fine, my boss made me run all over town so i'm sure the calm country will be OK." I replied.

  My dad didn't look very convinced but he just sighed and let me wear it because we were running late. So we grabbed some fruit and coffee to go then left.

We drove twenty minutes and stopped off at a construction sight where a half-constructed building stood.

 Trucks and heavy machines were not in use right now since the crew was gathered at a table with coffee and food near the trailers, away from the construction. Everyone turned to us and looked on with curiosity.

"Mornin' everyone. I know y'all are probably wondering why we are gathered. Well i'll just tell ya-"

"IRS troubles boss?" A gruffly man asked staring hard at me.

"I told you the suit wasn't a good idea." Dad said.

"No not at all. This is my son Jameson Luca. He will be acting as business manager to do all of the stuff Carl and I don't want to deal with so we will be out here more often." Dad said pointing to me.

There was a little bit of murmur going on but dad put a stop to it and got everybody back to work. I didn't have time for introductions since dad and his business partner Carl threw a pile of files and accounts. After giving me a crash course of what I needed to do and how to do it, dad let me go.

I had to borrow dads office and supplies as I got to work. As I was working on the budgets and taxes I also had to answer some calls. It was hard to talk on the phone since I didn't have my headset.

It was then that I found that there was a virus on the computer and I swore into the phone with a very respective business CEO who was looking for a contracting business and was checking us out and another big contractor.

Thankfully  he was talking numbers before-hand and my little comment got him to higher his numbers for us. So all in all, we got the job.

Around noon dad came in and saved me from numbers on spread sheets. By then I had taken my suit jacket off, rolled up my sleeves, and loosened my tie. Dad just smiled and put his arm around me and led me to his truck. As a first day treat he took me to a very popular diner for lunch.

Sal's was the best burger joint in town, or so it said on the window. Not that I was complaining. It was in fact, the best in town. Great food at great prices was amazing.

"Hey Tony! Hows it goin'? Been a while since your cheap ass has been here." Sal, the owner, said as he came out from the kitchen.

"Eh, you know me Sal. I don't eat junk food." Dad said with a laugh.

"Screw you. You're just scared of being caught by Mary Beth. He knows he'll get his pistol whipped!" Sal said to the people around us.

 Everybody started to laugh and dad and Sal patted each other's back and talked for a bit. Dad re-introduced me to Sal, although not necessary since Jackson and I had practically lived here in junior high.

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