Chapter 19

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I ignored Blake as he drove me home. He tried to speak to me but I wasn't giving in. How the hell did he expect me to talk to him after what he had done to me? The only problem was that Blake knew exactly how to get under my skin.

"So, we'll pack your meager little things and we'll head home this weekend."

"What? No." I sputtered.

"Jamie. Stop being a little bitch and just do what I say. You were a whole lot easier to handle when you didn't get your little mid-life crisis." Blake grumbled.

"Blake. I am not leaving! I don't want to be with you. I want to break up." I said firmly.

Blake didn't even respond, he just pulled the car over and started wailing on me with his fists. I tried to shield myself and tried to open the door but it was locked. The beating couldn't have lasted more than ten minutes. By the time it ended, my head was nodding up and down as I tried to keep awake. I could feel and smell my blood running from my sore nose.

He dropped me off at the corner and more or less pushed me out of his car and took off as I fell to the ground. I slowly got up and like a crippled old man I slowly walked home. When I entered the house mom and dad were panic-stricken when they saw me. They fussed and tended to me but I assured them that I wasn't seriously injured.

"I can't stay here." I mumbled. "I have to leave."

"What's wrong? Who did this to you?" Dad asked.

I just shook my head and refused to tell them. I would only repeat that I had to leave. As if nothing had changed from the time I was a child, they sent me upstairs while they talked about what would be best for me.

Come next morning after I had showered, they had sat me down at the table during breakfast and told me what they had thought my next move should be.

"Your uncle has agreed to take you in. He owns a ranch over in Montana and is in need of some labor in exchange for your boarding." Dad explained.

"Montana is pretty far from here." I commented.

They both nodded and told me that it was far enough that nobody would know where I was at. I started to think about how moving would help me. I mean, Blake found me. Well, of course he would look towards home first. But he still found me. And he has that private investigator.

"It will only be temporary until this whole situation is resolved." Mom said.

"I can't drive all the way to Montana alone. What if the people who did this to me tried to hurt one or both of you guys?" I asked worried.

"We'll be fine. Besides, you won't be going alone. I've talked to my best guy and he's agreed to go with you and help you settle in."

"A babysitter?" I mumbled.

"No, an escort."

"Trust us. I have spoken to some very close friends of mine on the force and we're going to make it so you never have to fear for your life here ever again." Dad reassured.

I put my head down and started feeling a wave of emotions crash over me. I was relieved that I could get away, but scared for my parents. Blake didn't play fair, and who knows what Jackson would do? He was super angry when I first told him that I was leaving.

"Who's my escort? And I don't have money so-"

"It's all been taken care of." Dad said holding up his hand.

"When?" I asked.

"No time like the present." Mom said and got up quickly.

"Now? I can't, I don't- I-" I was pretty shocked. Right now?

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