Chapter 24: The New Beginning

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Idk if this is the last chapter or not...We'll see what I can write in this chapter.





     I woke up with a banging headache. I whimpered and squeezed my eyes shut tight. I opened my eyes a sliver and closed them again. I lay there cold and hurting. I didn't open my eyes until I heard a groan near by. There lying next to me on the floor was Levi. His blonde hair hand a brownish tint to it. I rolled over slightly and looked around as far as I could. 

     We were in some kind of warehouse. Before I could attempt to try and get free, the door opened and in walked the man who threatened me with the knife, along side Blake who looked as if he had just received a multimillion dollar contract. 

"Hi Jamie. Glad to see you finally woke up. I was kinda bummed thinking you had already died, but I am very happy that we get to spend more time together now." Blake said as he crossed over to me.

"Blake. What are you doing?" I asked in a pitiful voice.

"I am taking back whats mine. I tried to be nice, I gave you anything you wanted Jamie, and you threw it all away, not for one, but two country hicks!" 

     I starting sobbing. I couldn't believe this was how I was gonna die. My parents not knowing what was happening. I would probably be buried after I was killed by the hands of a madman. Not only did I get myself killed, I also endangered poor, innocent Levi. He wasn't apart of any of this. He was just following my dads orders to drive me home.

"Blake. Levi didn't do anything. Let him go. Its me you want. You have me!" I begged.

"Wrong. He took you from me. Him and Jackson, are you kidding me Jamie? Seriously? You really know how to trade down and throw your life away." Blake mocked.

"Blake. I'll go with you. Okay? Pretend all this never happened like you said. Please. Lets just go." I compromised as I got up to my knees.

     When I was about to stand up Blake kicked me in my stomach causing me to double over. I coughed and felt my stomach burn as I tried to clench down. I looked up and saw Blake walk over to Levi. He grabbed Levi by the hair and dragged him up into a sitting position. Blake slapped Levi and shook him when Levi finally came to.

"About time. Now, you get to watch as I kill you." Blake said with a cold grin.

"No wonder this airhead left. You're crazy as hell." Levi groaned and closed his eyes.

"He left, because you took him from me."  Blake replied 

     I struggled with the binding on my wrists. They were bound tight and I could feel it biting into my skin as I tried to break it. I let out a whimper as I stopped struggling. We were gonna die here. 

"No. He left because you failed to protect him, from yourself. You are the same monster who killed your sister." Levi argued as he struggled.

"Shut your mouth you pathetic, piece of-"

     Blake was cut off when Levi suddenly broke free and kicked Blake hard. I was in shock when Levi grabbed Blake's gun a shot at Blake's partner who ducked and withdrew his own gun. Levi grabbed me and ran me behind some boxes. He cut the zip tie from my wrists and we ran around some boxes. 

"Stay here and be quiet. No matter what you hear, stay here until I come get you." Levi whispered as he hid me in-between some large crates. 

"Levi don't-"

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