Chapter 3

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I am so pissed ibook didn't publish rough boys redemption on apple. I mean they already had book 1 up so what's the hold up? I specifically have an itunes card for entertainment purchases and this qualifies.

Sorry for the rant but hey, I proudly support J. Vaughn and I don't have a credit card to buy ebooks anywhere else :/


"I-i'm what?" I gasped grabbing the edge of the bed I was sitting on.

"There are many vitamins and medication you can take-"

"What? Did you just say I have aids?" I asked again

"Not aids. You are HIV positive-"

"That's the beginning of aids!" I yelled. Hot tears fell from my eyes

"There is a chance it won't escalate and you will live a full life" the doctor said

"What about sex? If there is even the slightest chance I fall in love...what then?" I asked

" will be legally obligated to tell your partner and if all goes well you will have to use protection" he explained

"This can't be happening" I whispered staring at my hands

"I am so sorry. Does your partner know?" he asked

I shook my head no and then shrugged. Did Blake already know? He probably didn't considering he never used protection with me. I guess he thought not using a condom with me meant he didn't cheat. Asshole.

"Mr. Luca I would like your permission to call the police"

"Why!" I yelled in panic

"Well judging from your injuries and STD I just assumed that something happened" the good doctor said

"I don't need help. I was mugged and that was that. It happened to quickly. I just need my meds and to get home" I said starting to stand

"If you were 'mugged' then I would suggest to write up a report with the police department" the doctor said trying to sit me down.

"Fine! Just stop grabbing me" I yelled in frustration.

The doctor set me up with morphine for my sore body and laid me down to relax. I lay there waiting for the police to send over some officers at their convenience.

My eyes were starting to droop when the curtain opened and two male officers came in. I sat up quickly but stopped mid sit up when the pain in my ribs made itself known. One of the officers rushed to help me sit up.

"Here you go" the officer said as he helped me sit.

"Thanks. And look I'm sorry to have bothered you guys, I know how busy you are, but this is all just a big misunderstanding." I said looking for my clothes.

"Well since we're already here why don't you amuse us with a story. Like how you got these bruises" the larger officer said folding his arms.

"I fell down some stairs while I was doing laundry" I replied simply

"And what about those marks on your neck?" he asked again

"That was a mistake" I whispered while lightly touching my neck

"Tell us about it" the smaller and younger cop said sitting on my bed.

"Uhm. Okay. Well my boyfriend grabbed me a little too hard"

"Why would he do that?"

"It. That was an accident. He didn't mean to do that" I stuttered.

"Well just spit it out! What happened?" the large man asked

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