Chapter 2

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The next day seemed to be as if the beating had never happened. We were back on the same page as before. The only thing different was the bruise on my face. A horrible reminder.

"I'll see you tonight then?" Blake asked as I did up his tie

"I actually have a class tonight. I won't be home till eleven or so, so your on your own for dinner...just don't burn the place down, we just renewed the lease" I joked. He smiled and leaned down the kiss me.

"Ok well then I will see you tomorrow" he winked and then left to work.

I showered and got dressed. I started doing the makeup the lady showed me. After I was finished it didn't seem as perfect as yesterday. But it only had to hide the angry purple.

When I was set I ate a quick breakfast and then headed off to work. The whole day seemed to be very long and stressful. Everyone seemed to be in a pissed off mood. But I soldiered on and kept a smile plastered on my face.


By the time I got home I was so happy. My class had been cancelled which made me very greatful. I tried to call Blake to let him know but he never answered. I figured he was sleeping.

I got to my apartment and unlocked the door and walked in smelling cheap perfume. I set my bag down and went to the bedroom when I opened the bedroom door I saw everything and broke down. I started crying and walked out quickly.

Blake was on top of her. His secretary of all people!

"Shit. Jamie!" Blake yelled.

I was already out the door. I couldn't stop to sobs as I quickly walked down the hallway. The image just wouldn't leave.

I hated him. I hated him!

I got to the elevator and had to wait for the door to open. In that half a minute Blake had put on jeans and a pull over. He ran to me and I tried to get to the stairs but he grabbed me.

"Baby, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me!" he pleaded

"Get away from me! You are so full of shit! You beg for forgiveness and you keep doing stuff like this. What the hell was that Blake! I thought you loved me!" I yelled causing our neighbors to poke their heads out of their apartments.

"Jamie stop. Please can we go inside and talk about this?" he begged

"How long?" I demanded

"What?" he replied

"How long have you been fucking her?!" I yelled

"Jamie!" he yelled and then lower "it was that one time I swear"

"You are such a liar. We're done. I never want to see you again" I said and tried to push around him to get to the stairs.

"Let me go!" I yelled. He grabbed my arm and tried to drag me to the apartment. He succeeded.

The woman had long ago left.

"Jamie. Please, I love you!" he begged again

I grabbed my wallet and phone and tried again to leave. He wouldn't let me. I started yelling which caused him to start yelling. I pushed him and he hit me again. My head snapped back and caused me to go flying to the table. I crashed into it and it broke from the force.


I woke up lying in my bed while Blake sat in a chair next to the bed. I noticed I had a warm rag on my forehead and a bandage on my arm, cheek, and under the rag. I groaned a bit and felt my head.

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