Chapter 10

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Hey guys. Happy holidays. OMG i am filling out job applications and going to try to get back into the save program at my alternative school. I am a super senior and i only have like 7.25 credits....

i kinda want a job but then again i don't. too much work and standing! seriously standing for 7 and a half hours.


"Hey son. How was you're... game night?" Dad asked as he walked in my trailer at the sight.

"It was, nice. Really nice. Just like the old days." I replied with a small smile.

Dad nodded and attempted a small smile but his face was still twisted in disgust. I never understood why he never liked Jackson. Even as my friend he never liked Jacks.

"Okay well, get to work. Have a big day ahead of us." Dad said and walked out of the office.

I got to work, typing quickly when my phone buzzed. I stopped looked down at my phone screen and was startled as it showed the police officer's number from New York.

"Hello?" I asked as I answered.

"Jameson Luca? This is officer Joe Riker. I've called to inform you that your boyfriend, er, whatever he is to you now, that he is no longer in New York. This is a precaution. We believe that he is heading to you. We also have knowledge that he purchased a hand gun. Would you like me to notify the police unit?" 

"Blake has a gun!" I said alarmed as I got up and walked to the window. I pulled the metal shades down and looked out nervously.

"Mr. Luca. Would you like us to contact the local police?" He repeated.

"Uhm. No. I'll be fine. He might not even come here. My old friend was never scared of Blake and I'm sure that he will protect me. Thank you officer Riker."

 "I highly suggest that you take police action. This is for your safety and for the safety of your family." 

"I'm sure a good old country ass whoopin' is all he needs." I nervously replied and looked at the time. "Thanks anyway, Officer Riker. I'll be sure to notify my family." 

 We hung up with him trying to convince me to call the police just in case. I didn't want the police force to know of my sexuality and ticket me for no reason. In the end I knew I would regret the decision.


"Alright guys, quittin' time! Now get home so I can stop looking at yer' ugly mugs!" Dad called from outside on sight.

 I smiled and stretched, popping the cricks in my back and shoulders. I was just sitting here typing and sipping coffee and I am stiff. I'd hate to find out what it's like to be actually working like the meat heads outside.

"Hey son. You ready?" Dad asked as he walked in a took his helmet off.

"Yeah, just wrapping up. Before we leave can I ask you something?" I said as I shut down the laptop.

"Sure sport, whats on your mind?" Dad asked and sat down on the table in the trailer holding the coffee.

"About Jackson. What did you mean he changed? That he was different. He seems fine to me." I said as I stopped everything and looked up at him.

"Well just as I said. People change, him just not for the better."

"I need details dad. Is he like a serial killer or serial cheater? Is he a secret astronaut? What did he do that is so bad?"

"Why do you want to know so bad?" Dad asked throwing his gloves down in exasperation.

"Well. I guess because Jackson and I are, well, we are starting to get to that point in the relationship where we are ready to-"

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