Chapter 17

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I rubbed my temples dying for the relief from the pain that was pounding into my skull. I looked up and watched the disgusting scene in front of me. Levi was chatting up my dad a few of the guys while they sipped coffee at the supervisor table. They all laughed at the story Levi was telling and I held back a groan wondering if he was telling them about the time he gave me a wedgie and I peed myself from the trauma.

I turned back to my work only to glance up every now and again. It was so hard to concentrate but it had to be done or else i'll be working on the weekend. I was trying to work as fast as I could but at that moment the guys all started laughing hard. I looked up quickly to see them parting ways while still laughing. Dad patted Levi on the back as they all got back to their stations. Dad walked over to me while looking at the ground chuckling.

"Oh, that Levi, he sure is one great young man." Dad said as he walked up to the black truck I was tailgating at.

"Yeah? What'd he say?" I asked suspicious.

"Oh he was telling a story of his high school days and how he tried to get into a bar. You should ask him to tell you that story sometime. Its a real gut buster."

"Really. So you're not put off by the fact he drank when he was underage?" I asked still annoyed.

"Eh, we all drank around that age, so long as we were responsible."

I was still fuming as dad took a long pull of coffee and then put the cup back on his thermos. He patted my knee and I looked back at the laptop and then looked up again and watched Levi take his flannel shirt off and set it on a red truck. I watched him as he stretched and realized he had gotten some muscle through out the years.

I swallowed some saliva that seemed to accumulate and quickly looked down at my laptop. I refused to look up from my laptop for the rest of the work day and by the end, my neck popped as I slowly lifted it up.

"Thank god, I get to enjoy a nice long weekend to myself. No worrying about the inventory or the payroll. Just me, a nice long bubble bath, some pizza, and an ultimate anime smack down. Light, Eren, and Ciel better be prepared to be peeped on because I am going to watch them till the break of dawn." I said to my happy self.

"Geez, even as an adult you are the biggest nerd."

I cringed as I turned around and saw Levi with that damned smirk he always reserved for me specifically. It was usually always right before he would give me a wedgie or pull my pants down and laugh at my tighty-whities.

But not this time, we were full grown adults and I was not going to let him laugh at my briefs. Besides he wouldn't be able to because I now owned lots of nice supportive, colorful, briefs that were completely in style.

"My weekend plans are none of your concern so just get out of here before I accidentally misplace your check." I said smug.

"Trust me, I have no interest in your lonely plans, besides I am quite happy with my life. I've got a great job, awesome friends, a smokin' hot girlfriend, and I can now legally hang out in bars."

"Wow, I never thought it was possible for you to get an even bigger ego than you had during high school. But once again, you never cease to amaze me. I think the biggest surprise you've given me was when I saw you walk across the stage at graduation." I retorted.

"Ouch, that hurt. I am practically dying from a broken heart." Levi said as he dramatically placed a hand over his heart.

"Why don't you just leave already?" I asked annoyed as I put some papers in my laptop bag.

"I would leave if you would get your ass off my truck."

I froze for a moment and realized how stupid I must have looked. I felt my ears grow hot as I zipped my bag and jumped off the tailgate. I slowly lifted my eyes to his face and saw that stupid grin grow wide. He just shook his head and laughed as he put the gate up.

"You could have just politely told me to move." I muttered awkwardly.

"It was more fun to watch you make an ass out of yourself."

"You are so infuriating! I swear you only took this job just so you can harass me out of high school." I sputtered angrily.

"You are so infuriating!" He mocked. "See ya next week Luca, oh and if my check "disappears" i'm going to piss in the toilet and put your head in it."

I froze and felt my eyes go wide as I stared into his stone cold face. But then I let out a sigh of relief when he bursted out laughing.

"Oh my god, Jamie Lynn, we are adults now, you've got to let that juvenile crap go." He said still laughing.

"See ya, Monday." He said as he got into his truck.

I just kind of awkwardly stepped away and walked to the trailer. I put some stuff away while I waited for dad to put on his jacket and head to the truck.

"Ready son?" Dad asked as he turned off the light and grabbed his jacket.

I just nodded and walked to out to the truck while he locked the door. My phone rang while I sat in the truck.



I stopped and was reminded that I wouldn't be able to have a relaxing weekend alone. Blake was here.

"Blake. About us getting together tonight."

"We're going to be dining with a new friend of mine, so I expect you to be on your best behavior. Wear something nice, also, shave that disgusting stubble off your face, it looks sloppy. I'll pick you up around six-thirty. Be ready." Blake explained and hung up.

I kind of sat there in shock with my phone still in my hand. I looked up and saw dad locking the gate so I put my phone down and just kind of sat there dumbfounded. I was pretty quiet during the ride home, only answering yes or no questions with a grunt.

Dad must have known something was wrong even though I kept assuring him that nothing was wrong. I just couldn't believe that Blake still didn't understand that I didn't want to be with him. He was so set on controlling every aspect that affected his life that he didn't even care how he created his perfect world. Even if it hurt others.

When we got home I showered, ate a small meal of dinner, and went and started to shave and style my hair the way Blake liked it. Then I had to find a three piece suit that Blake would approve of, the only problem was that my own collection was not that of Armani, but more of Men's wear house.

I just dropped on my bed and stared at the outfits and then at my reflection in the mirror. I had to think of a way to get Blake to understand. I had to figure out a way to leave me alone. Why did this have to be my problem? Why couldn't it have fallen on to someone else?

At that moment I realized. It didn't have to be my problem. I could give it to someone else. Blake cheating on me proved that he did have affections to other people. I just had to find someone to replace me.

But who would make the perfect replacement?....

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