Chapter 13

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Hey guys, I keep forgetting to update. I think i have notes somewhere. But I have been writing short stories for school. In 10.5 months I will have aged out of the school system so I have to get my ged before then. If not....welll.....

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Walking to work actually helped me relax. Of course, my sense of security may be caused by the actual security Jackson lent me. As of this moment there was about fifteen men in two SUV's protecting me on my journey. One in front and one in back.

I had no idea how he had these, "bodyguards" or why they are working for him. I don't even know what he does.

I don't want to judge and jump to the conclusion that he is a dealer of some sorts. All I want to think is that he is making a decent living with a honest job. Of course I had to take everyone's comments into consideration. My dad's words always echoed in my mind when Jackson took a mysterious call or when some scary bruiser would whisper in his ear.

Jackson also wanted to take my car in to get tuned up and inspected since he found a tracking device in the hood of my car after he was changing my oil. Since then we've all been on high alert. Not that we weren't before, we just pretended to have a normal life because we were so stressed out.

I showed up at the office a few minutes late but it was okay since we didn't have any appointments today. I decided to be a bit of a recluse and hide in my office with a bag lunch and the "guards" standing watch outside.

I won't go into details about my work since it was pretty much all about numbers, e-mails, faxing, and phone calls. Dad wanted me to go into art school to become an architect for his business because "Comic-books are for children."

When I finally got off the clock dad drove over and picked me up. He asked me about my day and as I said before, it was uneventful. He talked about the measurements and schematics of the new building and even about football. All manly topics we just couldn't relate together about.

I remember one time I tried to explain the plot of "Ouran" to my dad. He immediately thought of a male prostitution ring in a high school with a scary dad. I stopped trying to explain anime to him after that.

We went home and dad immediately washed up and relaxed on his chair with a cold beer in his hand and sports on the TV. I went to see what my mother was cooking for dinner and then went to start my sketches and story lines.

I got the characters pretty quickly but trying to draw them over and over and get them perfect was a bit of a hassle. So I decided to just focus on the storyline. A lot went through my mind. Did I want it to be funny? Or dark and twisted. Did I want some random Vigilante like Dexter.

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