Chapter 20

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you guys are very special to me. I may not write every single day but I am writing this now while I have a cold and my period. -_-t thank you so much for that eve! normally i'd blame dinkleberg, but eve is the one who danced with the devil and so god punished her and all women with periods and birth -_- *sigh* anyway. tissue in nostril, oreo in reach, here we go!


"Hey. Wake up sleepin' beauty, we're here."

 I shot up and opened my eyes when I felt the sting of Levi's slap on my thigh. I looked over at him and frowned as he opened his door and slid out. I sat back and gained my bearings as I looked around. It totally looked and surely smelt like a cattle ranch. I scrunched my nose at the smell and almost refused to leave the truck until Levi grabbed my bag off the truck and tossed them to the ground.

"Hey! That is my expensive property you're throwing-Ah!" One moment I was yelling at Levi and hopping out of the truck, and the next, I was on the ground covered in mud hearing nothing but laughter. 

"Jee Jamie. You sure are an eager one to get down and dirty. You almost put the fag, in stereotype." Levi laughed.

"Hardee-Har-Har. For the record, I am not a fag, I am a respectable gay man. You will never see me running around hooking up with lots of men, drinking fruity drinks, and talking with a lisp as the stereotypical fag." I huffed.

"Yeah, and a stereotypical fag wouldn't wear panties to school." Levi said as he came round and leaned against his truck.

I got up from the ground to show him that I didn't need his help. I was perfectly capable of getting up from the muddy ground by myself. I wasn't the loose wristed gay man who vied for attention all the time. I was a normal dude. Well normal in the sense that I liked anime and manga. Ok so I was a little Otaku. But I was normal.

"Where is baby?" I asked as I looked around in a panic.

"Whose rat is this?!" 

I turned around and sighed in relief as I saw uncle Ed had baby. Uncle Ed, is as cowboy as they come. He is exactly your stereotyped cowboy. He has short brown hair thats starting to turn grey in some spots, a somewhat neatly trimmed mustache, flannel shirts, jeans, a belt with a giant buckle for some reason, and the boots. Oh and lets not forget his old black stetson. 

"Hey uncle Ed. How's life?" I asked as I took baby from his arms.

"Busy. Now is that there mouse-bait yours? It was chasing my hens." He griped. 

"Yeah she is. Her name is baby." I replied as I smoothed her hair down. Uncle Ed only scoffed and shook his head.

"Alrighty. Your daddy tol' me you'll be staying here for a bit so I set you boys up in my boy Jr's ol' room." He said as he grabbed my suitcase and walking toward the house. "Now, I don't believe in that whole, god will send you to hell for this and that, but what I do believe is there is good and bad people's in this earth, but I also believe that our loved ones are watching us. So I don't wanna have to remind you boys that your grandpappy is up there watching you." He said as he looked at me and then Levi with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh-No. You've-"

"No way, us? I would never-"

"I don't wanna hear excuses! But I also don't wanna hear no creaking or whatever while i'm trying to sleep." Uncle Ed exclaimed as he held up his hands and then continued into the house.

The house was a simple two story three bedroom wooden house with a basement and cellar. Surrounding the house was twenty acres of field. The barn was in the back to the left of the house and a corral was next to it. 

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