Chapter 9

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"Sir? Are you alright?" 

I snapped out of my paranoid thoughts and looked up at the cute barista as he held out my chocolate chip frappe. I nodded and handed him the money and took my drink. While he was getting my change, I looked over my shoulder out the window.

That car was still there. It had been following me and it would not stop. Even as I went home last night it waited outside my house. I hadn't slept. Was too scared to even close my eyes.

Whoever it was. They were very persistent.

Part of me wanted to ask for help, for someone to believe me. The other half was scared and didn't want to believe at all.

It couldn't be Blake. We were finished and he wouldn't want me anymore. It was probably just some IRS guy. At least I hoped. I decided to take my coffee on the go and high tail it back to the trailer.

"Hey,  son. You alright? You look a little flushed." Dad asked as he walked up to me.

"Yeah i'm alright. I just haven't slept good last night. I'll be fine." I waved it off.

 Once I was in the trailer and sitting down I took a deep breath and took a small calming sip of my drink. I started to think rationally and calmed down. But when the phone rang my heart jumped up to my throat.

I set down my drink and shakily reached for the phone. I let out a little breath and then swallowed all the saliva that seemed to accumulate in my mouth.

"Hello?" I asked trying to level my voice.

"Hey Jay!" A deep voice said excitedly.

"Oh! Hi Jackson. How are you?" I asked smiling in relief.

"I'm good. How are you? You sound like you were getting a call from a serial killer or sometin'" Jackson replied.

"I'm fine."

"Don't I know it." Jackson said huskily and laughed.

 I let out a nervous laugh. 

"So. What are you doing tonight?" Jackson asked.

"Not much. I was just going to read a little. Nothing major though." I said playing it cool.

"Alright. Well how about you come on over and we can hang. I just dug up my nintendo game and a few cartridges."

"You want me to come over.... and play?" I asked slightly nervous.

"There's Super Smash Brothers'" Jacks said mockingly.

"Alright! Man I haven't played that in years!" I said and we both laughed.

"I know. Considering how many times we played, I wondered why you didn't just get the game yourself."

"Well its more fun with opponents." I replied with a smile. He just chuckled and said a time I could come over.

Around 6 p.m. I stood on the porch to a large home. There were some guys loitering around and they stared at me with caution. They all looked as though they should be standing in front of a club hooking and un-hooking a velvet red rope.

"Hey little buddy!" Jackson said brightly with a smile as he opened the door.

"Hey Jacks. So uh, who are the guys hanging around?" I asked as I nervously peeked to my left.

"Awe hun. Were you hoping to be alone?" Jackson said teasingly as he smiled and leaned against the threshold.

"N-No. I mean its not that I would be opposed. I meant. You know. I like you. I. I just. Heh. I meant. Oh god. I don't." I let out a breath and I could feel my face redden as I heard chuckles from all directions.

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