Chapter 16

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  My head hurts. Its like my brain is working out inside my skull and is a gym rat who certainly does lift. Why couldn't I have been stuck with a flower power hippie brain? That way I could just chill and do my own thing, but no, I had to have the corporate trained brain who's only purpose is to burn out on overtime and deal with all the yelling.

"I'm sorry sir, I will let my boss know right away, I can assure that fixing your greenhouse foundation will be our top priority."

"It better be. A leaf already fell, if my azaleas die, i'm holding you responsible." He yelled and then hung up.

"Ugh. Crazy old bat." I murmured as I rubbed my temples. He complained and yelled for a whole thirteen minutes about botany and the season change. Seriously, did he think that I cared?

I picked up the phone again and while I dialed my dads number I popped in a couple tylenol and tried to calm down.

"Luca." Dad talked in the phone.

"Hi dad."

"Oh hi Jameson. How is everything?"

"It was fine until about fifteen minutes ago. Mr. Priar called. He made a complaint about the foundation in his green house thats cracked and cold air is getting in and hurting his precious azaleas."

"Oh that Priar. I'll send a couple guys to his place this afternoon. Call him back and tell him that they'll be there around one o'clock and we'll take care of the amount."

"Are you sure dad? You never give any type of discounts. Even when I wanted my own bathroom you made me work to pay it off."

"Well if you want something, you have to work for it. You also got some good work experience from that summer, remember?"

"I remember that the piping broke so I had to use the bathroom down the hall. It's still not fixed you know."

"Well Mr. Priar is a good guy, he just seems to have been sniffing the weeds a bit too long if you catch my drift.  Well I've got to go son, time is money." Dad said and hung up completely ignoring the fact that I failed at building stuff.

I sighed and continued to work and finally taking my lunch break. As I ate my sandwich in the empty office I ignored the lonely feeling that kept hitting me so often. I realized that my only friend stopped talking to me and that Blake had long ago chased away any potential friends.

It was halfway through my lunch when my office door opened and I nearly choked on my sandwich. Blake was standing there in a three piece suit looking like the devil. He didn't have an expression on his face, he looked very relaxed in fact.

"Blake! What are you doing here?"  I asked after I recovered from my near death.

"I just wanted to come and see what it was that persuaded you to leave New York and live in this shithole town." Blake said as he moved to one of the chairs and sat down while observing my small boring office.

"Well for one you cheated on me." I blurted out.

"That was an unfortunate circumstance."

"Blake, You know why I left."

"And I said I was sorry. Look I even brought you something to prove that i'm sorry and that i'm honest about trying to get better." He stood up and reached into his backpack that he had set down. I cringed thinking he was about to pull out a weapon but instead it was a little white fur ball.

"Baby, I want you to meet your mommy." Blake whispered to the puppy.

"Mommy?" I asked as Blake forced the dog in my arms.

"Yeah. I'm her daddy and you're her mommy."


"Watch baby. I have to go meet with some people. We'll have dinner tonight around seven. I'll text you." Blake said as he did the classic Blake move and dodged out without letting me answer.

I opened and closed my mouth a few times and then looked down at the happy go lucky puppy breathing in my face. I smiled a bit and held the puppy close to me.

I was feeding the puppy the last bit of the meat from my sandwich when dad came strolling in the office with a new electrician he'd hired two days prior.

"Son. How many times do I have to tell you that even though an animal is cute, you cannot take it and be its new mother." Dad said as he frowned.

"Why does everyone think I have to be the mother? Why can't I be the father? On second thought don't answer that."

"Son, you remember Levi don't you?"

"Gee dad, I was the one who entered his information into the records. I'm not that old."

"Well you must be getting old if you don't remember your favorite buddy from your entire school career." He said with a smirk.

"What are you...Wait. No. Levi? Levi Rickston?" I asked in disbelief.

He grinned wide and nodded.

Levi Rickston. The bully who used to, well bully me. It seemed like his life goal was to make mine miserable. He was the captain of the basketball team, the captain of the baseball team, captain of the football team. He was the all american, boy next door, blonde hair, green eyed, muscle jock who picked on me since the sand box days.

I of course never told my parents that he was picking on me so that must be the only reason why dad would hire him. Did Levi only live to bug me?

"So i'll leave you two to catch up and Jamie, give Levi a rundown on the whole Larson estate job." Dad said as he walked out of my office.

I gulped slightly and turned away looking down at Baby who was wary of the stranger. The stranger who was staring and evilly grinning at her mother.

"So Jamie Lynn, how have things been lately?" He asked using my old nickname he oh so kindly bestowed upon me from Britney spears sister.

"Just great." I muttered.


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