Chapter 4: Fight or Flight

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My head was hurting. It felt like I got stepped on by an elephant or constantly struck in the head by a horses hoof.

I looked around and saw I was chained up to the bed by a dog collar, chain, and master lock. I groaned and tried to feel my collar for a belt-like strap.

I looked around for a mirror and opened the drawer next to the bed. When I found a mirror I grabbed it and examined my collar. It wasn't the kind with the belt fastener. It was the kind with a lock that needed a key.

A key I did not have.

I looked for a phone or any way of communication. The only means of communication was yelling for help.

"Help! Somebody! Help me! Please!" I yelled but my voice was cracking.

I thrashed about, burning my wrists from the cuffs. I yelled and yelled but it was no use. I started crying and begging for a rescue. But I knew, no one was coming for me.

I didn't give up. I figured if I kept knocking the bed against the wall and screaming my lungs out, someone would help me.

An hour later it worked. A loud knocking on the door got my attention. Then a voice behind the door,

"NYPD! Open up, we got a noise complaint"

I started yelling for help and the knocking got louder.

"We're going to break down your door" the officer explained.

A moment later the loud sound of wood breaking filled my ears. I started crying out of happiness. When I looked up I saw the officers from before. The young one helped me while the older cop went in every room checking for any threats.

"What happened?" the cop asked even thought it was clear what happened

"You trip?" the older cop asked sarcastically

"Okay you're right. He isn't getting better and I'm not safe here. Just untie me" I said

After the untied me I got out of bed and went straight for the closet. They protested me moving around and said they'd call the paramedics. I told them not to bother as I grabbed my suitcase and started filling it with clothes, toiletries, and my valuables.

"Look I'm sorry but I can't stay. Do whatever you want but I'm leaving" I said pulling my suitcase handle out

I put my apartment keys on the counter and then felt my necklace. I felt the ring that Blake gave me when we were still kids. He had this whole life planned and said we'd explore the world together and then have kids and move to a little cabin in the woods away from all of our problems....

But that was then. Now we have so much troubles and dangers. I can't stay. I need to move on for my own safety.

I sighed heavily and took the chain off. I put the chain and ring on the counter next to my key. When I did I felt empty. Like a weight was lifted off but there was no happiness or relief. I just felt nothing.

I ran to my car as soon as I left the lobby of the building. I started shaking when I tried to get my key to open the trunk of my car. I then started to wonder if I was making a mistake.

"I got ya" mr. Mc smith said as he opened my trunk for me. He even lifted my suitcase Into the bed for me.

"Thanks" I said shakily

"Take care" the nice man said and hugged me. Before we parted he gave me an envelope and put it in my pocket telling me not to lose it and not to trust anybody on the road. That I was to just go straight home.

I waved from my car as it pulled out of the lot. I then saw the cops faces with were if concern. They then turned to mr. Mc Smith and pulled out a pad.

I felt my heart tighten at the sympathy and care these people, practically strangers, gave me. I was almost sad to leave but I knew it was for the best.

It took me over two hours to reach the state line and regret was filling my mind. Blake needs help. He can't do it alone.

The only thing keeping me going was the throbbing if my battered body. I couldn't go through that again.

When I saw the Virginia boarder billboard I was shocked at how long I've been driving. I knew that driving to Georgia would take a long time and I was exhausted. I decided to pull over and get some fast food and a place to stay for the night.

Sitting in the motel room eating food made me think about how long it has been since I saw my parents. How long I haven't spoken to them. I didn't want to go home and say you were right but I had no where else to go.

I had to suck it up and face the consequences.

The last thing I remembered before falling asleep was the memory of my huge argument with my parents.


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