Chapter 7

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Sorry guys. My only excuse is that I've just lost my muse to write. I have all of these ideas but I can't seem to jot it down.


I blew out a shaky breath as I looked in the mirror. My reflection stared back with a nervous demeanor.

This had to be some twisted dream. It isn't real.

Ever since kindergarten I have been waiting for Jackson Bailey to marry me and take us to our castle on the moon.

Of course that was a fantasy. My whole life seemed like a bad fantasy.

Coming out, disowned, beaten, cheated, and diseased. Now I was ugly and broken.

But for some reason, Jackson, wanted to see more. He wanted to fix me.

But I may just be rambling. He might just want to be friends. He says he loves me.

He doesn't.

Many things have changed. I am not the shy air head I used to be. Now I am a shuttin who has gotten smarter. More cautious of my surroundings, I have been getting better at identifying people by their steps or scents, even the internal schedule.

It had taken me four tries to finally work up the courage to finally get ready for my date. I had almost texted him four times to back out but I forced myself to try and move on.

A rapping noise got my attention. I slowly got up and peeked out the blinds from behind the door and saw Jackson standing there with a smile on his face.

"Jackson. Hi. Let me get my jacket. Come in." I said as I opened the door.

"Sure thing." He said as he sidestepped in the home.

I nervously moved over to the closet and dug for my jacket while trying to be as smooth as a whistle. I grabbed my jacket and yanked hard which caused a chain reaction. Jackets and linen tumbled down on me as I slipped and fell to the floor.

I started fighting the jacket trying to find a way out of the darkness and stopped my pathetic struggle when I heard a low chuckle.

 "You are still as adorable as I remember.… Bocchan" Jackson spoke in a deep voice.

I shuddered and looked up as the jackets were pulled over my head. Jackson was crouched in front of me staring at me intensely.

"Well we should go now." Jackson said as he broke the intense stare.

"Oh, ok." I said with a harsh blush.

 Jackson helped me up and I grabbed my jacket. He helped me put it on and even opened the door for me. What was I so worried about then?

My phone chirped as we walked to his car. I quickly pulled it out and looked at the message while we walked slowly.

'If you're not on the next flight home, i'm going to find you and hurt you. Don't fuck with me, J'

 I suddenly felt sick. I wasn't sure what to do. I mean, Blake wouldn't find me here. Right? Besides my parents wouldn't let him get anywhere near me. I mean, they wouldn't let it happen twice.


 I can trust my parents. Before they were just shocked at their only son being gay. I'm okay. Blake won't come. I'm okay...

I'm okay..

"Jamie? You okay?" Jackson asked.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I'm fine." I smiled.

Jackson opened the door for me. We talked and laughed about the good old times while we drove. When Jackson pulled in to a fancy-pants Italian restaurant I was a bit taken aback. I was sure we would be going to the diner we always went to while we were in high school.

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