Chapter 23

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     I looked over at my uncle Ed with a crick in my neck. He was standing at the other end of the yard walking out of the barn with one of his cows. I wiped the sweat off my forehead and slowly stood up from my squatting position where I was scraping dirt out of a hoof from uncle Ed's new stallion, Tornado.

"Yeah?" I shouted back.

"When you finish up with that come on in the house. Your daddy wants you on the road before it gets dark out."

"Okay uncle Ed."

     Two weeks, which had turned into nearly a month, had gone by surprisingly quick. Quick, yet strenuous. Even though I had lost quite a bit of fat and had way more strength in my muscles, I had to admit that the gyms could not compare to farm work.  But the nights were calm, quiet, and very beautiful. 

     Living here I thought would be hell. I didn't realize how stressful my city life actually was. It wasn't until at the very end of a long hard day that I felt most alive. I would sit on the porch and just look up at the sky. Being away from big lights showed the most amazing sight. Stars scattered across the sky, mountains contrasting against the sky, and the trees looking dark and tranquil. I could even hear the wind rustling the leaves. 

     I sure was going to miss this place. Going back to reality sure was a shock. Mom and Dad called a few days ago that the cops were watching for Blake and his "gang". Apparently Blake was long gone after he had beaten and thrown me out of the car. 

     Levi had left a few days after I had got settled in. He couldn't stay the whole time with me as he needed money from his job. But I was sure even if dad had gave him a longer paid vacation, he would have refused. You see, something happened the last night he stayed and by the next morning he was gone.

     It started when uncle Ed had put me and Levi on grooming duty. Our jobs as you can assume was to groom the animals in the stalls. We were actually a pretty good team. He would show me the process of harnessing a horse and then he would have me repeat it on another horse. After I had mastered that he would show me more tips about caring for the animals. Apparently he had worked on his uncle's farm during his summers in high school.

"It's official. You're a stereotypical country redneck." I said with a grin.

"Hey, this redneck just saved your wussy ass." He retorted.

"I am not a wuss!" I balked. 

"You so are! Didn't you just complain about needing a manicure!" He laughed

"My nails are covered in dirt! And I never said manicure, I just said they needed to be cleaned and polished!" I replied and stuck my tongue out.

     He rolled his eyes and quickly reached his hand out. Sensing what was about to happen I moved away and put my tongue back in. I sprinted away from him and he took three menacing steps toward me with an evil grin on his face.

"Don't you dare touch my with your filthy hands!" I shouted.

"Come on Jamie Lynn, don't be such a wuss!" He laughed and lunged at me.

     We ran around and I tripped over my own foot into a pile of hay. Levi tried to stop but fell on top of me. I commented he was really heavy, to which he replied with, it was all muscle. I rolled my eyes and made sure he saw it. He narrowed his eyes and grabbed my knee very hard making it feel like a horrible tickle. I shouted and laughed uncontrollably until he made me admit it was all muscle. 

"I give! Its muscle. Not an ounce of fat on your body!" I laughed and pushed his shoulders.

"Now say, I am the sexiest man in all history." 

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