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Axel POV

The sounds of his bones crushing resonated throughout the room as Maverick landed another punch straight across his new victim's face. The guy roared in pain, his screams amused me. Maverick grabbed a hold of the guy head and pulled it all the way back until it hit the back of the chair. Maverick leaned down and whispered into the guy ear before releasing his head. The guy head leaned all the way forward until it hung in front of his battered body.

Maverick level of intense anger was rising everyday. Especially after I relayed the information Nate had given me earlier at the bakery. Nathaniel came down here as a favor to his dad. In order to take over as the leader of his father Russian Mafia organization he wanted Nate to get some field work. That was all I was able to pick up from their conversation considering they were speaking Russian. He informed us on some side gigs Lorenzo was up to behind Sebastian's back.

Of course Sebastian was being blindsided by Charlie and her manipulative ways. Lorenzo is running a human trafficking ring without Sebastian knowledge according to Nate. He overheard Charlie and Lorenzo having a conversation about moving the French and German women and children to Northern California to sell to the Triad. On their way up North they began picking up women including one of our women from Kitten Claws. As I stood on the sidelines and watched Maverick humiliate and decapitate Lorenzo for information on the whereabouts of our women from Kitten Claws and Sebastian's next weapon shipment.

"Son." Maverick said successfully dragging me out of my zoned out state. "Your turn."

"Mav I don't think-" I began.

"Take the fucking garden shears." He replied. "I want you to cut off all his fingers and toes until he gives up the location of the girls and the weapon shipments."

"Maverick there is another way to get information." I sighed.

"This is the only way that matters," His eyes narrowed as he looked at me suspiciously. "You know you have been acting strange these last couple of weeks. Maybe this girl you're seeing has made you weak."

       At the end of his sentence he scowled with disgust. Number one rule when he asked me to be his Vice President was to never let a woman influence my ability to be able to do my job. And I haven't...

"I'm not weak. I know how to do my job." I replied while under scrutiny from Maverick, Ryker and a couple of club members.

"Prove it," He responded as if he once again held the garden shears out towards me again. "After you cut all his fingers and toes off, I want you to kill him."

        I have no problem torturing people, it's how I earned my position as the Vice President of the Dark Howlers. But kill someone? I have managed to never have to cross that line. I have seen dead bodies, beat people to the point of death and witness death up close and personal, but kill someone. While I was having my brief confliction on whether or not I should kill Lorenzo I found myself taking the shears from Maverick hands and standing directly in front of Lorenzo.

         Lorenzo looked at me, one of his eyes was half open do to Maverick continuously punching him. I took a deep breath, mentally preparing myself for what was about to happen—what needed to happen—during my battle with myself Lorenzo managed to show no emotion.

"Hold his hand still." I said as I switched the shears to my strong hand in preparation for what I was about to do. "Here is how this is going to work, you're going to tell me everything I want to know. Every lie you tell I'll cut off fingers and toes, if that doesn't get you to cooperate I'll cut off your hands, feet, ears, hell I'll even cut out an eyeball."

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