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Reign POV

       I tilted my head to the side as I analyzed my look for the day. Currently my dark thick curls were styled in a half up half down do. I was wearing a black crop top and a dark leather jacket. My jet black jeans were ripped at the knee, my shoes black ankle boots with a three inch heel on them. I also was wearing a thick black chocker which made my outfit appear as if I was trying to dress edgy. I wasn't completely satisfied with my outfit but I had already changed three times.

       My phone buzzed on the bathroom sink, I released a sigh my University was calling to inform me that I had missed too many days and if I didn't return I would be dropped from my classes. I just allowed the phone to ring as I placed it in my pocket and headed downstairs to see if my brother was ready to go. He was taking Charlie and I out to dinner, he claimed he wanted us to get to know one another. I guess I should try to get to know her considering my brother has never kept a girl longer than a couple hours.

"Hey babe," The familiar voice that I loathed whispered in my ear as he wrapped his arms around my torso. "Where are you going dressed like this?"

      I refused to look at him as he guided me to the wall just at the bottom of the stairs. Looking at him made me want to retch, he was an unbelievable monster. I can't even remember why I fell in love with him, only thing left in my heart for him is pure hatred. The love we once had was being twisted into something dark and dangerously painful.

"Look at me when I'm talking to you." He spat venomously.

      My brown orbs stared at his soulless eyes with unease. The bruises and cuts on his face were on full display and I felt myself being grateful to the person who had the guts to take on Jensen. The look in his eyes told me he was close to the edge of violence. He was already pissed because someone had got the upper hand on him last night.

"Let go of me Jensen," I replied. My face was completely devoid of emotion. "I swear I'll scream."

He squinted his eyes almost as if he was testing me. If he really think I won't scream or kick him in the private then he has another thing coming. I raised my eyebrow because he still hadn't gave me the space I desired. Instead of threatening him again, I sucked in a deep breath and was getting ready to put my vocal chords to good use when he stepped away from me.

"I'm getting real tired of your games," He said in a low threatening voice. "Keep pushing me Reign and you won't like the outcome."

"What are you going to do? You don't have any of your "friends" with you. I have the upper hand considering you're living in my house surrounded by my club members." I was standing tall my body was giving off the aura of being completely in control. When in reality I was terrified, my palms were becoming sweaty. I could feel the increase of my heartbeat as I battled his aura of dominance.

His lips turned into an amused smile. "Sebastian won't turn on me, considering I just gave him my Russian contact. He also wants me to join his club, What do you think about that?"

"I think your lying." My voice shook with disbelief.

"Good thing your pretty, because thinking is not one of your strong suits."

"Go to hell."

"I'm already booked my flight," He retorted. "I'll make sure to save you a seat."

         Before I could reply I heard voices traveling down the long hallway. I knew for a fact one belonged to my brother the other one I was unsure of. As they descended down the hallway I was able to put faces to the voices. Charlie grabbed my attention first, her arm was looped through my brother's.

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