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Reign P.O.V


        My fist slams into the punching bag, with a sheer amount of force. I refuse to allow the frustrated salty liquid to pour from my eyes as I reflect on what is my past. The music that was pumping from my speakers cut off when he called again. I released a loud yell into the empty boxing room and began punching the bad with even more force.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

        The betrayal was fresh in my mind considering it only happened  a week ago. The shattered glass was spread across the freshly polished silver ceramic tiles. Blood oozed out of my hands as I moved away from my attacker in a backward motion. The strangled cry that had slipped pass my lips as I flipped my body to get away from him flashed before my tear stricken eyes.


          I remember his enormous hands grabbing onto my ankle as I try to slip out of his grasp. I remember grabbing onto the base of the black couch—trying—to hold on with as much strength as possible. I remember grabbing a hold of a vase we kept on the table, and smashing it against his head. I stopped the flying bag that was heading towards my sweaty body, and headed towards my phone which was ringing again.

         I grabbed ahold of my phone and looked at the caller id, I let out a sigh as I debated rather or not to answer or chuck my phone across the room. My hair was sticking to my neck and face, causing me to swat it away. Jensen name flashed across the screen once again causing a immense amount of rage and anxiousness to engross my being.

"Hello?" I said as I slid the line to answer the phone call.

"Babe?" Jensen "Come home please I'm sorry."

I remained silent as he continued his plea.

"Babe talk to me, I miss you so much. When are you coming home?" He questioned.

"Never." I answered.

"Never? What do you mean never? You can't leave me you are mine!" He yelled.

         My chest was rising and falling at a rapid pace as I listened to his demands. I wanted to release a scream of distress as he continued yelling down the line.

"I told you it was over." I replied in a nonchalant voice.

"It's not over until I say it's over! Where are you I'll come and get you?" He questioned again.

"Don't call me anymore."

"Where the hell are you bitch? Don't make me ask again I swear I'll beat the living hell out of you if you don't tell me where you are!" I could imagine his facial expression.

"I'm hanging up now." I replied.

"I swear if you hang up on me, When I find you I'm going to kil—." He didn't get to finish his threat because I cut him off by hanging up.

         I snatched my hair out of the ponytail and allowed my hair to enclose around my face. Why me? Why does my life continue to act as if it is on an endless loop? As soon as I have something good going on in my life the rug is snatched from under me. All I want is a normal life, but that's not—can't—happen because Jensen refuses to let me go and I'm a Morrow.

        Jensen and I were in a relationship for two whole years, for the first year in a half he treated me like I was a princess. Something changed, I'm unsure if it was because his dad reentered his life or the increased amount of money that was flowing in from his new boxing manager.

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