Thirty Two

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"Axel?" I whispered into the cold air only to have silence follow

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"Axel?" I whispered into the cold air only to have silence follow.

Axel sat with his head up against the cold tile of his cell, his eyes were devoid of emotion. There was no excitement, sadness, resentment or hope in his eyes. The small light that trickled in from the very narrow window cast a light on his sickly face. His face was alarmingly pale and his normally soft lips were chapped do to dehydration. He couldn't seem to stop shaking and his breathing was labored. Sehun and his goons retreated once they took in Axel sickly appearance.

"Axel we have to get out of here." I whispered not even sure he could hear me over his harsh breathing.

"I got a plan." He grunted out as a response.

"Are you going to include me in this plan or are you going to escape by yourself," I replied as I gripped the cold bars. "You know with all your injuries."

"Don't worry you're included in this plan." He sighed.

"Can I know the plan, so I can help you?" I retorted as I took the space buns out of my hair so it could be fully committed to a knotted up bun. I can't wait to get out of here so I can take a nice long shower and deep condition my unruly hair.

"If you listen closely you can hear them talking just outside the door, when the talking cease it means they are changing shift. The shift change typically take a minute in a half, that'll be your window to evacuate." He grunted again as he pulled himself up so he was resting up against the wall.

"Ok just one minor problem, How do we get out of these cells?" I peered down the hallway, the limited amount of light that was streaking in allowed me to look at the dark and empty door.

"Just wait for one of the guards to come in here for their checkup then nab the keys from him."

"Just like that?" I frowned.

"Yeah it'll be easy." He said with a nonchalant tone.

"The last time I pick pocketed someone was when I was ten, I tried to take Bash candy bar. I was not successful and a candy bar barely makes noise, keys will surely make plenty of noise."


"I'll try but we're going to need a plan B." I replied as I slid down the cell bars to get adjusted on the cold floor my back was now facing him.

"You'll be fine." He replied with another grunt causing me to turn around.

With the small amount of light streaming in from the narrow window I was finally able to get a clear view of Axel. His face was sickly pale his blond hair which was normally in one of his buns was running free along his face. Wet strands remained touching his sickly skin. Signs of dehydration was evident on his lips, his tongue darted out of his mouth in an attempt to make his lips moist.

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