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Axel P.O.V

Maverick was extremely pissed off early this morning. Apparently someone had blew up his shipment of drugs costing him hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only did they interfere with his drug operation, they also beat some of his high end strippers. To say he was furious would be an understatement.

I had to go investigate the issues with the strippers. Apparently guys in Presidents mask beat a couple of the girls up. They gave them black eyes, cracked jaws and broken ribs. Mav wants me to head over to Kitten Claws in a couple days, he said something about waiting until the heat died down.

Maverick was becoming suspicious of any and everyone. I can't say I blame him considering only a select few people in the club knew we were silent partners of Kitten Claws. I brought the cigarette up to my lips and filled my lungs with its cancerous toxics.

Transparent vapor formed in the air, slapping me back in the face as the wind refused to blow the smoke in a different direction. I was currently on my balcony relieving some stress from my tense body. An instant calm invaded my lungs, I plugged the cigarette in between my lips as I took my jacket off.

The club had all of our jackets custom made by a one of a kind creator. The club attire came in shirts, pants, vest and jackets. My jacket was different from majority of Dark Howlers, the only people who jackets were close in resemblance to mine was the top of the food chain members.

A big black wolf on the back with Dark Howlers on the top and California at the bottom. On the front was our patches my specific jacket had Vice President and my last name on the left. On the right was our city and second generation. The second generation patch was so everyone knew I was Mavericks kid.

Although Maverick isn't my real father he taught and raised me in his image and as far as I'm concerned he is the closes thing to a father I'll ever have. He'll always have my loyalty above all others. I finally finished my cigarette, after putting it out and dumping it in the ashtray I went to see what was taking Manny so long.

"Wow I can't believe it Ax actually got laid," I heard Manny talking. Was he talking to himself? "I always thought he was gay and didn't want to get caught so he pledged celibacy."

"He definitely is not gay." I froze. Shit I thought as soon as I heard her voice. I didn't expect them to get here as quickly as they did.

"Damn it that means I lost the bet." He groaned as soon as I rounded the corner and found myself in my living room.

"What bet?" I questioned.

"The bet questioning your sexuality." He responded nonchalantly. He turned around on the couch and looked at me with mischievousness.

"I'm not gay," I replied before slapping the back of his head and grabbing a beer off the table. "Just because I don't go sticking my junk in any and every willing girl doesn't make me gay."

"True but you and Nate have a very affectionate relationship." He raised an eyebrow at me.

"Alright Pinocchio," I rebutted. Manny loved arguments he called it live entertainment. I popped opened my beer and was getting ready to down the bottle when I felt two pair of eyes on me. "Shit."

The girl on the right I have never seen before, she had blue eyes, blonde hair and appeared as if she was curvy under the loose fitting black shirt and baggy joggers. Reign was sitting next to her, her hair was different today it looked puffier and held no curls.

She appeared nervous as she brought her bottom lip in between her teeth. Her leg was bouncing up and down as she avoided making eye contact with me. I scrunched my eyebrows together, maybe she's nervous because one night stands aren't suppose to meet after they have sex.

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